Swatch & Review: November Polish Pickup – Fandoms Part 1 of 3 – Brands A – E


Hey, Precious! Today I am beyond overjoyed and excited to bring you 1 of a 3 part post featuring some of the hottest indie polish/products around. It’s truly an honor and privilege to be invited as the guest blogger for Polish Pickup. Because let’s face it, Polish Pickup is like THE exclusive, pop up shopping experience for polish.

For November, the Facebook group selected fandoms as the theme and man, oh man did they do these shows justice and then some. From Netflix to daytime television, and cartoons in between, the fandoms these makers selected, are guaranteed to make your nail crazed heart smile. 

Those shopping lists won’t create themselves, so, without further ado, let’s start with brands beginning with letters A thru E. Get your pen and paper ready!

**All swatches are done using Cuticula OTTN Peel-off Base Coat, QDTC by Lucky 13 Lacquer and Onward Through the Fog matte topcoat by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Alter Ego – Make It Work

Maker: Cynthia

A grey with shifts to a pink/lavender and glitter shifts blue/green.

Price: $7

Inspiration: Tim Gunn from Project Runway

Swatch is shown in 3 thin coats

Nail art features fandom themed water decals from Green Goddess Creations.

 Anchor & Heart Lacquer – Mystery Hack

Maker: Taryn

A blackened green base with holographic pigment, and a multichrome shimmer that shifts purple/green/orange.

Price: $12

Inspiration: Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls

Swatch is shown in 2 thicker coats.

B Polished – Family Don’t End with Blood

Maker: Francine

A deep blood red jelly holo with holographic and color shifting flakes.

Price: $10

Inspiration: Supernatural

Swatch shown in 3 medium coats

Baroness X – Menage a Troi

Maker: Demi

A berry jelly with violet shimmer, blue to red shifting microflakies and metallic gold flakies.

Price $11

Inspiration: Star Trek

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats.

Bluebird Lacquer – Squadron Goals

Maker: Lou

A cobalt blue scattered holo with pink-turquoise UCC flakies, micro holo flakies and a blurple duochrome shift.

Price $12

Inspiration: Star Wars

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer – Handsomest Boys

Maker: Julie

A purple-leaning periwinkle semi-sheer shimmer with ultra-fine red/pink shimmer, fine red/pink, gold, and blue shimmers, and blue and gold microflakies.

Price $12

Inspiration: Ouran High School Host Club

Swatch shown in 3 coats

BLUSH Lacquers – Bane of my Existence

Maker: Victoria

A muted multichrome with shifts of olive-gold-caramel brown or brighter green-gold-red brown depending on light. There are also sparkling holo flakes.

Price $13

Inspiration: Bane from Dark Knight Rises

Swatch is shown in 2 medium coats

Nail art features fandom themed nail decals from Toadarrific Vinyls.

Bohemian Polish – No More Unitaskers

Maker: Jennifer

A duochrome polish shifts from aqua to purple, and is packed with holographic flakies and sparkle.

Price $12

Inspiration: Good Eats

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Cameo Colours Lacquers – Shuttity Up Up Up

Maker: Cameo

A deep indigo jelly base with a red/gold/purple/aqua shimmer, red-bronze flecks, multisize iridescent chameleon glitters, and a touch of holo micro flakes.

Price $11.50

Inspiration: Doctor Who

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Colors by Llarowe (CbL) – 40 Going on 26

Maker: Leah Ann

A multichrome that shifts from aqua to blue to purple to pink with prismatic holo flake for sparkle.

Price $11

Inspiration: Younger

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Chirality – I’ve Come to Bargain 

Maker: Amanda

A midnight blue polish filled with bright blue and purple shimmer with accents of holo green glitter. 

Price $10

Inspiration: Doctor Strange

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Nail art features fandom themed nail decals from Toadariffic Vinyls.

Colores de Carol – W.W.

Maker: Carolina

A multichrome that shifts from green to blue to purple, with metallic green micro flakes, it has micro holo glitter in gold and silver, gold flakes and small gold dots.

Price $11

Inspiration: Breaking Bad

Swatch shown in 3 coats

Contrary Polish – The Juice Fiend

Maker: Carrie

A grape polish filled with various multichrome pigments (main shift being bright purplish blue to red/pink), multichrome flakes (blue to purple to red to gold), and holographic sparkle.

Price $12

Inspiration: Buster Bluth from Arrested Development

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

CrowsToes Nail Color – Not Without My Wonderful Towel

Maker: Lauri

A multicolor shimmer packed taupe.

Price $12

Inspiration: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Cuter Cuticles – Nuka Orange

Maker: Samantha


Smells like Orange soda.

Who loves oranges soda?! I do! After all my swatching was completed, I treated myself to an in-home mani which ended with me slathering this cuticle oil all over my nails and cuticle. I was caught smelling my fingers all night long… lol!

Price $6

Inspiration: Nuka Orange


Cuticula – Nail Tape

Maker: Amanda

A strawberry lemonade scented liquid latex barrier for nail art cleanup.

Price $8.25

This nail tape is a nail addicts best friend. It makes clean up so easy and it smells AMAZING!

Inspiration: Easy nail art clean up

(This product contains latex. Please do not use if you have an allergy or sensitivity to latex)


Dainty Digits Polish – Sailor Venus

Maker: Anetress

An orange holo jelly, filled with assorted shards and glitters, such as hearts. stars, hexes and tiny squares.

 Price $9.50

Inspiration: Sailor Venus’ orange skirt

Swatch shown in 3 thick coats

Dollish Polish Lacquer – If One Wolf Survives, The Sheep Are Never Safe

Maker: Dolly

A midnight blue scattered holo with an amethyst color shift and loaded with silver holo micro flakies and red shimmer.

Price $12

Inspiration: Arya Stark of Winterfell from Game of Thrones

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

EllaGee Polish – Peeno Noir

Maker: Laura

A black jelly packed with tiny to small sized  metallic glitter and holo glitter in shades of black, gold, lime and hot pink.

Price $11

Inspiration: Titus Andromedon from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Ever After Polish – Live Long & Prosper

Makers: Rachel and Miranda

A deep indigo purple with chrome and metallic flakes, red to green sparkle and gold micro shimmer and holo.

Price $11

Inspiration: Star Trek

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Envy Lacquer – Blue Punch Buggy

Maker: Melody

A light blue holo filled with red shimmer and various flakies.

Price $11

Inspiration: Lilo and Stitch

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

That will wrap up part 1 of the fandoms, please be sure to come back tomorrow to see what’s in store!

Available: November 3rd @ 11am et – November 6th @ 11:59pm et!!!!

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