Moore Swatches: January 2020 Polish Pickup (PPU) and Indie Pickup (IPU) – Written in the Stars


….and so it was ‘written in the stars,’ that 2020 would be astounding year for Polish & Indie Pickup (PPU/IPU)! 

Since we are starting a new year, it’s probably a great time to go over some house rules:

What is Polish Pickup?

Polish Pickup is a monthly collaboration of indie polish and products based on a chosen theme. 

When can I purchase?

Products are available the first Friday – Monday of each month for pre-order purchase. 

When will my order ship and how much does it cost?

Your order is shipped together, for one low flat rate price of $3 (U.S. orders).  Orders are automatically combined and shipping on multiple orders refunded. 

Now that you’ve got the lay of the land, let’s check out what the makers have in store for us! 


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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – After Christmas Launch


Hey Sugas!!! All the gifts may be open and the holiday parties may be over, but the BKL shopping is still buzzing! BKL will be moving their January launch up to Friday, December 27th for the AFTER CHRISTMAS LAUNCH and everything in the store will be on sale!!! Launching will be new lip balms, Doom mystery bag overpours, and… a new collection.


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Moore Swatches: KBShimmer – One-Coat Black & White


I, Queen of Nails 83, hereby award


Master of the ONE COAT Black & White polish!

 Many other “one coaters” are too thin, requiring multiple coats and/or result in pooling/flooding of the cuticle area and sidewalls. Others are too thick and make for inconstant dry time and hard to apply. This esteemed award is not given lightly but with great consideration.

Total Eclipse and White Here, White Now have risen the bar and now become the standard for the ‘go to, one coat cremes’! The formula, featuring new fan brush make for impeccable, effortless application. Finish is smooth and non-streaky, self-leveled and shiny even before applying Free & Clear, KBShimmer’s new, 5 free, shiny, quick dry top coat.

Free & Clear leaves polishes smooth as glass and is the perfect way to seal in your manicure for a long lasting and chip resistant shine. The non-yellowing formula will dry hard and smudge free in minutes without shrinkage.


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Moore Swatches: Jior Couture – Say My Name Collection


Hey Sugas!!! Well…it happened… the kids got their first school closure because of the snow. I have to admit, they were pretty good. No yelling or screaming AND, they cleaned up. If snow days are gonna be like this, I say ‘bring it on!’. LOL!!! With school being cancelled today, that means they only have 3 fulls days and a 2 hour early dismissal on Friday before winter break. Please send coffee, good vibes and all the chocolate. 

Speaking of Friday, Jior Couture is releasing the Say My Name Winter Collection! this 6 piece collection feature 2 magnetics, a metallic flakie and much, much more. And who’s ready to be wow-ed and save money???? Save $10 when you buy the full collection. 

Let’s check them out!


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Moore Swatches: Camouflauged Polish – Berry Much So


Hey Sugas!!! ‘New Brand’!!!!!

From fatigues to polish, Camouflaged Polish went from serving active duty in the military for 11 years to business women and entrepreneur!

Because of her desire of being a “girly girl” and still look good while being uniform compliant, Melinda, owner and creator of Camouflaged Polish, is killin’ the game in boots and glam!

In addition to ‘regular’ polish, the line offers gel polish, apparel, nail care and more! Today I have the privilege and honor to share Berry Much So, from the Breaking the Rule Collection.


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Moore Swatches: A-England – Tales from the Tower Collection


Hey Sugas!!! I bring you Tales from the Tower from AEngland available from Psyche Beau!
London’s castle. Mighty fortress. Royal palace. Infamous prison. Almost 1,000 years since its inception, the Tower of London, with its spellbinding history steeped in mystery and intrigue, still has the capacity to both fascinate and horrify.”


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Moore Swatches: A-England – Poe’s Tale Collection


Hey Sugas!!!I just received THE BEST news! Let’s just say… it’s an early Christmas gift – and no I’M NOT PREGNANT!!! The outcome could change my future and that of my family forever and I am super excited. I’ll have more details  and share the announcement in the weeks to come but I want to have all the info first. Just wish me luck…..

In other news, we had our first snow here in MD 😦 I can’t say I’m happy but it would be nice to to have a white Christmas, it’s been years since we had snow on Christmas Day. 

 In polish news, today I have the currently available 4 piece collection from A-England via stockist Psyche Beau. If you’re looking for amazing holos, look no further! 



Moore Swatches: December 2019 Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

Hey Sugas!!! I have 1 piece of advice for you this holiday season…… ‘in all thine shopping for others, be sure to shop for yourself!’
As we wrap up 2019, make sure to treat yourself to December HHC!! From December 14 thru 21st, fill your stocking with exclusive polishes, wax and soap from brands that you know and love!
Happy Holidays from the Queendom!
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The Queens Critique: Creme Allure – Whipped Body Butter


Hey Sugas!!! It’s time to kick dry, cracked, chapped skin to the curb! Introducing Whipped Body Butter from Creme Allure!! This whipped body butter will have your damaged skin hydrated and rejuvenated in no time! Whipped Body Butter from Creme Allure is made with all the oils you have come to know and love and most importantly… your skin will thank you for it. Not only that, they are offered in a variety of scents pleasing to any palette.

If Creme Allure sounds familiar it because it was previously featured here in the Queendom in which I interviewed the maker, Vernita and some of her polishes in a 2 part post which you can check out here and here!

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