Swatch & Review: November Polish Pickup – Fandoms Part 2 of 3 – Brands F – Pa


Boy, oh boy was yesterday fun, or what?! We got thru 20, yes 20, amazing indie polish and products that will be featured in the November Polish Pickup. If you missed part one, click here to go and check out brands beginning with letters A thru E. If you’re reading this then I suspect you are interested in part 2.

Today I have 20 or so more exciting brands to show you from brands beginning with letters F thru Pa. Now let’s return to our regularly scheduled program! 

**All swatches are done using Cuticula OTTN Peel-off Base Coat, QDTC by Lucky 13 Lacquer and Onward Through the Fog matte topcoat by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Fair Maiden Polish – So Lazy Can’t Move

Makers: Adrienne and Sarah

A light gray holo with color shifting shimmer magenta-copper-golden green, holo flake, iridescent chameleon glitter red-gold-green and multichrome iridescent flakes berry-gold-blue-violet.

 Price $11

Inspiration: Pusheen the Cat

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Fanchromatic Nails – Dead But Delicious

Maker: Lynae

A blackened red-purple with aqua/violet shifting shimmer, and a smattering of chameleon flakies that lean toward violet and green.

Price $10

Inspiration: What We Do In The Shadows

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Girly Bits – Wait For It

Maker: Pam

A vibrant blue base, that flashes violet, and magenta, teal, and green at the edges. It is filled with holo flakes, and sparks of blue and green holographic microglitter.

Price $13

Inspiration: How I Met Your Mother

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Great Lakes Lacquer – When All Other Lights Go Out

Maker: Mariah

A white crelly filled with gold to bronze to silver multichrome flake, gold shimmer and flashes of blue to purple to bronze fleck.

Price $11

Inspiration: Lord of the Rings

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Green Goddess Creations – Fandom Water Decals

Maker: Leila

Fandom themed water decal

Price $4/sheet

Inspiration: Fandoms

Heather’s Hues – Man, My Family Did a Number on You

Makers: Heather

A vibrant violet filled with pink/violet/green/teal color-shifting iridescent shimmer and flakes and sprinkled with a touch of lime and pink holo microglitters.

Price $12

Inspiration: Bob’s Burger

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Jior Couture – Proud, Proud Family

Maker: Sacha and Ari

A blue to gold duochrome base with multichrome flakes.

Price $10

Inspiration: The Proud Family

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Leesha’s Lacquer – Lip Sync for Your Life

Maker: Alicia

A black based shimmery shifter that shifts from blue to pink/purple in different lighting. 

Price $11

Inspiration: RuPaul’s Drag Race – Lipsync For Your Life

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

LevelUp Lacquer – Oh My Glob!

Maker: Ashley

A pinkish purple crelly Polish with gold flakies as golden crushed glitter.

Price $10.50

Inspiration: Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time 

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Lollipop Posse Lacquer – Spirit of the Kohaku River

Maker: Karen

A blue crelly base with duochrome shimmer that shifts between green and blue, scattered holographic pigment, and a smattering of pink/gold/bronze/green multichrome flakes.

Price $12

Inspiration: Spirited Away

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Lucky 13 Lacquer – Hodor

Maker: Anya

A periwinkle crelly base with silver, ice blue, and a hint of lime green holo glitters with ice blue shimmer.

Price $7

Inspiration: Game of Thrones

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Lucky 13 Lacquer – Fire and Blood Elemental Ward QDTC

Scented quick-dry top coat. Smells like burning wood and dragon’s blood.

Price $5

This topcoat was used for all the November PPU swatches

Lynbdesigns – Hi, I’m Scott

Maker: Jennalyn

A silver metallic base with Hhlo flakes, red to blue to purple to orange shifting shimmer, and a scattering of red micro glitter.

Price $10

Inspiration: Ant Man

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Moon Shine Mani – The Department of Mysteries

Maker: Phoebe

A rich, green-leaning sapphire linear holographic with shifting chameleon flakies (teal/blue/violet), blue holo flakies, aquamarine holo and iridescent blue glitters and a dusting of scattered silver holo.

Price $12

Inspiration: Harry Potter

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

My Indie Polish – Gary

Maker: Tanya

A periwinkle blue with pink shimmer, microglitters in purple and red plus iridescent blue and pink flakies, a kiss of holo and it also glows in the dark.

Price $11

Inspiration: Gary from SpongeBob Squarepants

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

My Stunning Nails – Cherish

Maker: Lisa

A kelly green polish with a golden glow and gold flakies.

Price $10.95

Inspiration: Oprah Winfrey

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Nail Hoot – I Do Hope I’m Interrupting Something

Maker: Brandie

A purple-red duochrome with hints of blue and a sprinkle of fine holographic glitter.

Price $9.75

Inspiration: Downton Abbey

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Night Owl Lacquer – Battle of Hogwarts

Maker: Lindsay

A blackened base with green to red shift, silver holo shreds and UCC flakies that shift red/copper/gold/green.

Price $11

Inspiration: Harry Potter

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats

Northern Star – I’ve Heard It Both Ways

Maker: Kristin

A mustard yellow base with gold shimmer, and pink/violet/copper color shifting pigment.

Price $9.75

Inspiration: Psych

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Nvr Enuff Polish – I Will Find You

Makers: Lynnae & Alix

A blackened raspberry base with a red shift, galaxy glitters, a smidge of red metallic glitters, a dash of chameleon glitters and flakes, a soft blue sparkle and linear holo.

Price $11.50

Inspiration: The Walking Dead

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Pahlish – Cherrybonbon

Maker: Shannon

A dark fuchsia jelly with a mix of teal to pink multichrome shimmers, holo flakes, and scattered holographic pigment.

Price $11

Inspiration: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Swatch shown in 2 medium coats

Hey, look at you, you made it to the end. Well, I hope you enjoyed part 2 and your revved up for part 3 tomorrow at 9 am! See you then!

Available: November 3rd @ 11am et – November 6th @ 11:59pm et!!!!

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