Moore Swatches: January Polish Pickup – Mythology


Hey Sugas!!! I hope that you all are having a wondering holiday. I won’t belabor this post, as I know many of your are travelling, spending time with loved ones etc., but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a few of the January Polish Pickup (PPU) polishes that will be available Jan. 4th-7th.

The months theme is Mythology. Mythology is defined as a collection of myths or set of stories/beliefs, belonging to a particular religion, cultural tradition, institution, or situation, especially when exaggerated or fictitious. Makers were inspired by gods/goddesses, nature and creatures which resulted in amazing polishes.   


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Moore Swatches: Illyrian Polish – Nil Pt 2 Collection


 Hey Sugas!!! In haste to get to finish up some last minute work items and clock out promptly at 4pm to start my vacation, I forgot to bring one of my last posts for 2019. As we prepare to close out 2018, which has been a blast, we have many things to look forward to in 2019! One of them is the Nil Pt 2 Collection from Illyrian Polish which originally released in early December. Because of course you’ll need to spend all those holiday gift cards on polish, right?! And because the shop is currently closed, be sure to add this collection to your wish list and snag it when the shop reopens in January.


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Moore Swatches: Alter Ego – January Facebook Fan Group Custom and Under Cover 2.0


Hey Sugas!!! Most parts of the world are currently experiencing winter like temps ranging from the high teens to the mid-30s. Today I did my high school/middle school carpool and it said 25 degrees and frost covered my wind shield. These wintery conditions are presumed to only get worse in the upcoming months with expected snow and below freezing temps. But Cynthia of Alter Ego is already for summer with her January 2019 Facebook Fan Group Custom, Life’s a Beach! It’s just the right pop of color for the season as we grin and bare what mother nature has for us and patiently await the first signs of spring.

In addition to the polish, Cynthia is also re-releasing her whipped body butter, Under Cover… 2.0!!! I immediately feel in love with Under Cover 2.0 because it is super airy, melts on contact and moisturizes without being overly greasy. Currently this product is “unscented” but does provide the smell of it natural ingredients.  

Before I let you go, please note 2 very important things:

  1. Price increase eff 1/15/19. All polishes will increase to $5 (mini – 8.5ml) and $10 (full 17ml)
  2. Under Cover is on sale for $4 through 12/31/18. NO CODE NEEDED!!! (reg. $6)


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Tutorial: 5 Holiday Manis

Hey y’all!! Whether you’re attending an office holiday party or an ugly sweater gathering with your best girlfriends, your mani should be top notch but not break the bank. Let’s face it, this time of the year finances can be stretched thin but your mani should not have to suffer. Today I have 5 different holiday looks that can be done in the comfort of your own home with items you already have or cost less than $1.


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Moore Swatches: Kandy Nail Lacquer


Hey Sugas!! About 2 weeks ago-ish, I featured a new to me brand, Kandy Nail Lacquer, well today I have 2 more treats, Golden and Shine Bright. These 2 polishes are from 2 of the newest holiday collections, Holiday Edition and The Frosty Collection. Both polishes showcase shimmer that is out of this world gorgeous and both are available NOW!!!


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Moore Swatches: Necessary Evil – The Queen Collection Part 1


Hey Sugas!!! I have to be honest, when I initially heard that Necessary Evil was releasing a 26 piece Queen Collection I immediately thought, Queens as in royalty. But I was pleasantly surprised when I received my swatcher package and it included 4 polishes inspired and named after Queen songs. What is so ironic about it is that my 16 year old was just recently introduced and proclaimed to “really like Bohemian Rhapsody.”

I took this opportunity to play a few songs by Queen so the girls could be exposed to the group. Once we got to We Will Rock You, the entire car lit up and we sung so loud. When I played We Are the Champions, it was game over. Music seems to unite and bond generations and I can’t wait to see what’s up next in this collection.


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Moore Swatches: Ever After Polish – The Four Realms Collection, GWP and Black Friday 2018 Door Buster


Hey Suags!! We made it! It’s FRIIIIIIIDDDDDDAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Let the bells ring and the angels rejoice! I have a fun filled weekend planned but before I shut down my computer and officially put myself on weekend mode I wanted to show off the currently available Four Realms Collection, GWP and Black Friday 2018 Door Buster from Ever After.

The Four Realms collection is inspired by Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. One color represents each of the four lands and the fifth color is for Clara.


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Moore Swatches: Red Eyed Lacquer – The Goonies Collection

Hey Sugas!!! We showed off and showed out last night, we decided to hang out and stay for the varsity game. Both the JV and varsity teams won… YAY TITANS!!! But the real good time was in the stands. Us parents laughed and talked “about the good old days”, as my kids would say, and by the time we knew it the game was over and it was time to go. Boy was my backside hurtin’ after sitting on those hard bleachers for 3 hours. But it was all worth it. By the tme we got home, cooked, ate and preparaed outselves for bed, it was time to get up again. Luckily, I was off today, I had PTO to use or lose, and so I am enjoying the blog life from the comforts of my bed.
On to the polish…
Today I have a new brand hitting the indie polish scene, Red Eyed Lacquer! Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland, I’m so excited to introduce Bianca, swatcher/blogger of Abstract Pups. I had the honor and privilege to meet and ‘work’ alongside of Bianca at Polish Con NY Spring 2016 when we both hosted tutorial tables. She is super fun and down to earth so it was a no brainer when she invited me to swatch her debut collection, The Goonies. Inspired by some her favorite lines and scenes from the 80’s classic, The Goonies, this 6 piece collection features crellies, shimmer, glitter and holo… every polish addicts’ dream.
So please help me welcome, Bianca and Red Eyed Lacquer!!!!
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Moore Swatches: Lil Fang Lacquer – Christmas 2018 Collection

Hey Sugas!!! Tis the Season! Basketball season that is! Tonight is game 4 of the season and so far the Tuscarora Titans JV team is 3-1. I’ve been a basketball mom since Xavier was 5 years old and I try to make it to every home game because it’s always such an experience. My girls love watching the cheerleaders and mocking their every move from the stands while Jason and I cheer as loud as we can from our seats. And modern technology couldn’t make this blogging thing any easy as I am literally typing this post during timeouts and halftime!
But let’s get to the polish….
Today I have the upcoming 4 piece Christmas 2018 Collection from Lil Fang Lacquer. This quad features for 4 glorious shades just in time for the Christmas season!
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Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – December 2018 Release


Hey Sugas!! This time of the year most people are asking themselves whether they have been naughty or nice? But in the world of polish, you should be asking, ‘have I been SASSY or nice?’

Regardless of how you answer, you deserve to treat yourself to the finer things in life including the 3 newest shades rounding out 2018 from Sassy Sauce Polish. Oh, I can’t forget the newest nail care item being added to the lineup, Start from the Bottom.


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