Moore Swatches: Celestial Cosmetics – Back to the 80’s Collection


Hey Suga, welcome back! I am so excited about today’s featured collection for 2 reasons.

#1 – 2 words… Neon AND holo!! It’s like having your dreams and fantasies all mixed up in little bottles.

#2 – NEW TO ME BRAND!!!! Celestial Cosmetics is a small home based business founded in 2013 located in South Australia.

The Celestial HQ produces unique handmade nail polish to suit everyone’s taste. As a nail polish lover herself, Nicki tries to ensure all polishes are made of the best quality ingredients.

Celestial Cosmetics offer 5-Free and cruelty free nail polish with international shipping now available from a warehouse in the US.

I hope you have your sunglasses handy! Enjoy…

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Moore Swatches: Crazy 4 Crellies presents Galentine’s Day Collab


Uno mas! Hehehehehehe!! We all know that 3rd times a charm right?? I’m so excited to bring you a trio inspired by the show, Parks and Recreation, the Galentine’s Day Collab. This trio celebrates gal pals and female friendships. It jumped from pop culture into the real world and has morphed into a fun day of celebrating with your besties and friends in your life. Since we are a small and tight knit community here in the indie nail polish world, the masterminds behind Quixotic Polish, Polish ‘M and Cameo Colours created this trio exclusively for the Crazy 4 Crellies Facebook Fan Group.

How cool is it that?!

This 3 piece set will be for sale on the Polish ‘M site and individually on each makers shop starting Thursday, Feb. 1st. There will be 20 pre-made, ready to ship boxes available and if they sellout the trio will go into pre-order. Make sure you grab a trio for yourself and your best gal pal!

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Moore Swatches: Fanchromatic – January Release


Hey! Hey! Hey! I hope you are having a marvelous day! I’m back today with a second amazing post featuring Fanchromatic Nails. You may remember this brand being mentioned in the February PPU post, but just in case you don’t, check it out here!

This time, Fanchromatic Nails is back because she is releasing multiple new shades… TODAY!!! But before we check out a few of them, let’s get the scoop. Fanchromatic Nails is personally designed & blended by artist Lynae Zebest, in her San Francisco, CA studio. Her brand offers unique, handmade, limited-edition nail polish, with colors inspired by all manner of geeky goodness. All nail lacquer is vegan, cruelty-free, and “toxic 5”-free.

So I think that will cover it for now. Let’s give a warm welcome to Fanchromatic Nails!! *insert round of applause here!


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Moore Swatches: Heartbreak Ballad Duo from Supernatural Lacquer and Lollipop Posse Lacquer


Well, hello Suga! Welcome back! Now that you’re here, prepare to have your mind blown! Today I have the Heartbreak Ballad Duo from Supernatural Lacquer and Lollipop Posse Lacquer. While the duo may not be available right this second, a very reliable source informed me that a few over pours will be re-stocked but date/time is TBA… SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!!

This dynamic duo is guaranteed to break your heart… 1980’s style. The Heartbreak Ballad Duo is anti-Valentine glam and punk rock, and a duo that gives love a bad name. You’re going to hate yourself for loving it 😉


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Moore Swatches: February Polish Pickup – Sugar Rush


So you all know I have a sweet tooth, right? No? Well, fun fact #144 about me, I love all things sweet and I don’t discriminate! I love cookies, pies, cakes, brownies, candy, ice cream, the list goes on and on. I’d skip breakfast, lunch and dinner just for dessert… it’s the best meal of the day! 4 out of 5 doctors say, “a cookie a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Kidding! Just kidding!! #notreally

But seriously though, I love sweets so this month’s polish pickup (PPU) was just up my alley. The members suggested and voted on sweet treats and the creations these makers came up with are just as yummy as their inspiration.

Today I have an all inclusive post of polish, plates and more from 11 amazing makers contributing to the February PPU. Don’t forget to set you alarms and mark you calendar for Friday 2/5.So what do ya say we take a bite out of something sweet! Enjoy…

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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Feb POTM and Black Panther Collab Box


Well hello there suga face! I’m so happy you decided to come on back today! Can you believe February is a week away? In just 7 short days we will be ushered into the 2nd month of the year. #mindblown

To help ease the blow, LynB Designs has created another fantastic monthly POTM inspired by the February birthstone, amethyst. In addition to that, she has also joined creative forces with Sarah of Bee’s Knees Lacquer for a Black Panther Collab!

Can I be honest? I am not the least bit interested in seeing the movie. Don’t get me wrong, the trailers and previews look amazing and the story line is action-packed and the digital graphics are to die for, but I think after working so many years in a movie theater, I can’t stand being in one now. But as luck would have it, I’m sure Jason will drag me to see it. But not all hope is lost, at least there’s popcorn, right?

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Moore Swatches: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – That’s Still My Spot


Hey Suga! This post is full of goodness and picture heavy as I have the entire That’s Still My Spot Collection from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. This collection features 12… ‘rainbow friendly’ shades. I absolutely love when makers create collections like this!!

I’ll keep quite now and get to the polish! Enjoy…

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Moore Swatches: Quixotic Feb COTM and Grey Nail Polish Fanatics Group Customs


Hey Suga Foot! Glad to see you made it back today! It’s a rainy Tuesday here in MD and the skies are grey but that’s not gonna stop us from having a great day anyway, right? Right! In fact, we are going to use the grey skies as inspiration for today’s post.

Today I have 3 new, upcoming polishes from Quixotic, the Feb COTM and 2, yes 2 Grey Nail Polish Fanatic Group customs. First off, let me say how excited I am for the 2 group customs! As you know I lost my dad to brain cancer in 2014 and May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month and the awareness ribbon color is grey. I hope to be able to complete a month long tribute to my dad by wearing a grey mani daily and these polishes are just what I need. If you love all things grey nail polish, then this is the Facebook group for you.

As for the Feb COTM, all I can say is… WOW!!! Mary put all my hopes and dreams into a polish. I wonder how she knew?!

So sit back and put your feet up and let’s take a look at the polish. Enjoy…

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Moore Swatches: Colors by Llarowe (CbL) February 2018 POTM & Mild and Wild Collection


Hey Suga! Welcome back! I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I sure did! We finally got our van fixed so no more 3am mornings for me! Yes, honey, I was getting up at 3am for the last 2 weeks to take Jason to meet his ride for work… ugh. It was an adjustment but I am happy that it’s all over. Saturday I spent time with family, which is ALWAYS fun.

So how many of you caught the games [football] yesterday. Yep, the Patriots are going to the Superbowl… again 😦 Honestly, I was hoping to see Jacksonville take the win. But I am happy that the Vikings took the ‘L’ since they beat my Saints last week…hehehehe. Yes, I’m petty like take. Congrats Eagles!!! Regardless, I will probably only be tuning in the Superbowl for the halftime show and to see how the Budweiser/Dilly Dilly commercial continues and JT

But let’s talk polish. Today I have the February Polish of the Month (POTM) and the Mild & Wild Collection from Colors by Llarowe (CbL). I’m sure by now you are familiar with POTM, the monthly polish available for only 1 week! But the Mild & Wild Collection is new. It consists of 8 polishes that featuring 4 Mild (M) and 4 Wild (W) polishes. Each set includes a holo, a shimmer, a crème and a topper.

Well, I’m excited, how bout you? Let’s jump into the swatches.


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Moore Swatches: Lollipop Posse Lacquer – The January 2018 Shimmers Collection


Here we are 19 days into the new year. How many of us are still writing/typing ‘2017’? Come on, be honest…lol. I know I am. It’ll be May before it actually sinks in for me🤦🏾‍♀️. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I’d like to wish my sister in law a Happy 37th Birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate with you next weekend!

Now on to polish news!

Today’s featured collection comes from the creative workings of Karen of Lollipop Posse Lacquer. The January 2018 Shimmers Collection is a set of six contrasting shimmered crellies to cleanse your palate. These shades are deceptively simple, but mean to assist with your endings and beginnings. Let’s start the new year fresh.


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