Swatch & Review: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Toil & Trouble Collection


I was never one for William Shakespeare, having to read the plays in school…gage with a fork, but in my defense, I don’t know many middle schoolers who are.

 I remember having to act out plays and study poems all while wondering, ‘what does it all mean? Why do we have to learn this? No one talks like this, why are we reading this?’

 I still have no clue but one fact that can’t be denied is the he was one of the best. He is a renown playwright, poet and actor and famous lines from his many works are still being quoted even today.

 So let’s play a little game. Can you guess the play from this song? Leave your answer in the comments.

“Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

This is a great segue into today’s Toil & Trouble Quad from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. Let’s take a look!

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