Moore Swatches: October Polish Pickup – Villains


Hey Sugas!! From movies watched or novels read, we know a/the villain(s) are the character(s) who is evil action and their motives are important to the plot. Heck, some of us may even know or have known someone that fits this description in out real life…. lol! 

Today we dedicate this post to some of the most notable villains. including,

  • The Wicked Witch of the West, The Wizard of Oz
  • Darth Vader, Star Wars
  • The Joker, Batman
  • Scar, The Lion King
  • Cruella de Vil, 101 Dalmations

As you can see, villains come in many different shapes, sizes AND species…lol!

The October Polish Pickup is all villains and today I have 11 villain inspired polishes that will be available from the 5th-8th.


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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Conjuring Inspired Collection


Hey Sugas!!! I gotta be quick because I have to head out this evening to a birthday dinner for my mom.

Today I have part 1 of the scariest and creepiest collection from Bee’s Knees Lacquer. These first 6 polishes are inspired by The Conjuring and will debut on October 1st on the BKL website. Part 2 will debut at The Indie Shop (TIS) – San Antonio Oct 13th and will be inspired by the American Horror Story.

Please note, The UP polishes* will be $18 and include the matching undie for free if you purchase by Sunday, Oct. 7th.

In addition to polish, new to the BKL lineup is new potion themed bath bombs and cuticle oils and returning scroaps!!!


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Moore Swatches: Grace-full Nail Polish – Enchanted Fables Collection


Hey Sugas!! ALERT: “New to me” brand ahead!!!

Today I am excited to share the 8 piece Enchanted Fables Collection from Grace-Full Nail Polish. But first, let us give Theresa and Grace-Full Nail Polish a warm Queendom style welcome! *insert clapping and cheering here!

In true Queendom fashion, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a little back on the creator and brand.

Grace-full Nail Polish is an Aussie brand created and hand blended in Tasmania by Theresa Carter since Oct 2014. The brand was named after Theresa’s daughter Grace who she only got to keep for 32 1/2 hours but loves for a lifetime. The hyphen (-) -Full is from the “gorgeous little girl gone too soon that taught us all that things aren’t just beautiful they are beauty-full.”

On to the polish…

The Enchanted Fables Collection is inspired by all things Fairy Tales and features 3 holo, 3 thermals, a metallic flake and an aurora shimmer.

Side note and fun fact #154 about me, my favorite fairy tale is……

Ya gotta keep reading to find out.


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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – October Polishes of the Month


Hey Sugas!! Today I have the 4 October Polishes of the Month from Lynb Designs. In the spirit of the upcoming month, I thought it would be fun to share 4 Facts about October:

  1. Birthstone(s): Opal and Tourmaline
  2. October Zodiac Signs: Libra and Scorpio
  3. October is the 6th of the 7 months of the year to have 31 days
  4. October received its name from the Latin numeral octo meaning “eight”, because in the original Roman calendar it was the eighth month. When January and February were intro to the Gregorian calendar it became the tenth month

Do you have a fun fact about October? If so leave it in the comments. Now, let’s check out the polish!


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Moore Swatches: Colors by Llarowe (CbL) – October 2018 POTM


Hey Sugas!! I’m gonna keep this post short, sweet and to the darn point. There is no reason to go ’round and ’round the mulberry bush with the October 2018 POTM from Colors by Llarowe (CbL). It’s simply… stunning!!!

As you might have guess, I am all the way in love with Ack, It’s An Alien. It’s bold, vibrant and intense! I love the in your face shimmer and the smooth indigo base. This is one polish you surely won’t want to miss!

In addition to the October 2018 POTM, the September 2018 POTM will also be available during the short ordering period due to it’s previous postponement from last month.


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Moore Swatches: Static Lacquer – The Sanderson Sister Trio and The Munsters Trio


Hey Sugas!!! I’m so excited to be back! I took last Thursday and Friday off from the Queendom and I missed it so much. I was going to try to sneak in a blog post on Friday but Jason caught me and made me log off. #funkiller.

But my break came at a perfect time, I was really able to relax and enjoy my time with Jason and the kids. Now I’m back and boy, oh boy do we have a week of goodies ahead of us.

To start things off, today I have 2 trios from the newly re-branded Static Lacquer, formally known as Mace Polish. Stacy’s first Halloween trio is inspired by the classic, Hocus Pocus and features 3 jellies complete with holo and UCC flakies. This trio will be available on the Static Lacquer site (link below) and

The second Halloween trio is inspired by the timeless and ever-loved tv show, The Munsters. Please note, The Munster Trio is EXCLUSIVE to The Polish Nook and will only be found on their website at This trio showcases one of my favorite finishes, crellies!!!

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Moore Swatches: Anchor & Heart Polish – The Only Love Collection


Hey Sugas!!! So much going on here in the Queendom, I done forgot to tell you about some good news in my personal world. So before we check out the polish, let me fill you in.

Our son, Xavier, has accepted an employment opportunity as a well-known fast food chain. We are so proud of him and this great accomplishment/milestone in his life. I think this calls for a #questionoftheday. What was your first job and how old were you. I’ll go first. I worked at a movie theater when I was 16.

We are officially in the 3 week of school and you guessed it, school is CLOSED!!! Yep, school have been in session for 12 days and they have already been out for 2. Luckily next week is a full week!!!

The girls are well, no new changes for them. They are currently enjoying the 6th and 2nd grade respectively. Just in case you don’t follow me on IG, just a heads up, the Queendom will be on vacation 9/20-9/21 returning to its regularly scheduled program 9/24. But before I skedaddle out of here, let’s check out todays featured collection from Taryn of Anchor & Heart Polish.

On to the polish…..

Today I have the five piece thermal collection from Anchor & Heart Polish inspired by the music of Bon Iver. 

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Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Holo-Ween Remix & All Holos Eve


Hey Sugas!!! I know many folks look forward to fall/autumn because they love Halloween but I for one, am in great anticipation of fall/autumn because to represents the return of some of my favorite tv shows. While I do indulge in some “reality” tv, it’s shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Voice, The Resident, Chicago Med, HTGAWM and This Is Us All , that have me sitting in front of the tv like a kid in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

But for those that get all giddy about Halloween, let’s chat about the Holo-Ween Remix Trio and 6-piece All Holo Eve set releasing this Sunday, September 23 from Pahlish. Shannon has revamped versions of a few of the OG Holo-Ween favorites to bring us “the remix” aka 2.0! 

And, as if that weren’t enough, here’s some else fun to look forward to! Boo-Spoke Batches 2018!!!! Special edition Boo-Spoke Batches for Holo-Ween 2018 are all packed with as much shifty, flakie, holo goodness that could fit into each bottle. Each come with a special limited edition magnet featuring an exclusive Boo illustrated by Mr. Pahlish! A new Boo will be available each Sunday for preorder with any available overpour available on 10/28. Be sure to check out the various Pahlish social media platforms (links below) for swatches and visit Pahlish each Sunday for a new Boo-Reveal 9/30 to 10/21! Each will retail for $14 and include a free LE magnet unique to each shade!


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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – OG UP Facebook Group Customs


Hey Sugas!!! Who’s ready for some HP (Harry Potter) themed customs?! More specifically, because of Sarah’s love of all things HP, these customs are centered around the wand cores. Today I have the 9 polishes from Bee’s Knees Lacquer created for the OG UP Facebook Group and with the new Fantastic Beast movie coming out in November, what better time for these?

Here are a few things to note:

  • Customs will be made available through a secret link in the OG UP Facebook Group – so yes, membership is required!
  • Undie Promotion* – All order for these during 9/22-10/1 will get the undies for FREE.
  • Special Secret Item – Included with all purchases while supplies last!


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Moore Swatches: September Indie Pickup – Horror Movies


Hey Sugas!! I wanted to pop in for a sec and let you all know about 2 products that will be available during September IPU. Just in case you missed last months post, here’s the 411.

Indie Pickup (IPU) was created due to the growing popularity, success, increased desire and interest from makers of indie products wanting to join PPU (Polish Pickup). Indie Pickup (IPU) follows the same format as its’ sister site, Polish Pickup, but with a twist. IPU brings exclusive, non-polish items based the same monthly theme of PPU.

Available: once a month, on the third Friday – Monday. 

Shipping: All purchases are preorder and will ship approximately 3 weeks after order is placed.

So now that you’re caught up, this month’s theme is….horror movies!!!

Alter Ego has created a soap that’s kinda…. unusual. Why? Because it has the scent of chicken. As soon as I opened the package I smelled Top Ramen Noodles Chicken Flavor. At first I thought, I ‘d never use this but then I thought about how funny it would be as a prank to use on my kids. 

They noticed the scent right away and promised they would get me back… lol. This chicken scented soap would be a perfect gift for that prankster in your life. Or…. anyone that loves ramen noodles.  

LynB Designs has created a perfume oil that is both light and refreshing yet noticeable and pleasing. I love this scent and wished a had more. A little dab behind the ear lasts all day.

Be sure to add both of these products to your wishlist!


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