Moore Swatches: Painted Polish – 5th Anniversary Duo


Hey Sugas! I’m definitely feeling the summertime blues. Camps are over for the girls so they are stuck in the house with me during the day. It’s at these moments I honor and appreciated teachers so much more – I mean like 1,000,000,000 times more! I am trying my hardest to limit screen time by keeping them engaged with reading, worksheets and activities I’ve found online but they either get bored or finish in like .002 seconds. Attempting to keep a 6 and an 11 year occupied is a little challenging than I expected. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated…lol.

On to the polish….

Congratulations are in order to Painted Polish has they are celebrating their 5 year business anniversary!!! To do so, Alexa, maker and owner, has created with a limited edition duo featuring 2 finishes she is known best for! You guessed it, an ultra holo and coordinating one-coat crème in a pale peridot-themed duo.


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Moore Swatches: August Polish Pickup – Musicals


Hey Sugas!! As you may have noticed I skipped a post for July Polish Pickup (PPU) as the organizers implemented a “rewind” theme where makers could bring back any past PPU exclusive. These polishes were offered directly from maker sites for a limited time. If you hurry, many makers are still offering their selected rewind PPU until the end of the month!

August is all about musicals! Today I have 12 polishes and 2 products that will be offered this month. And if your new to PPU, here’s how it works:

What is Polish Pickup?

Polish Pickup offers a fun, interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas, vote for your favorite theme, and selectively purchase your favorite polishes every month.

How does it work?

1. SUBMIT – Theme ideas! Examples: flowers, butterflies, a movie, a tv show, a musical group, etc.

2. VOTE – Organizers will choose the top 10 theme submissions and the fan group will vote on their favorite. Please note that you will be voting for a theme that will be released 2 months later. Example: Voting for May’s theme/release will take place in March.

3. SHOP – You can pick which polishes you would like to purchase from the chosen theme. There is no box commitment. Purchase one or purchase them all! Shipping will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Easy! Right?! Good!


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Moore Swatches: Different Dimensions – 6th Anniversary Duo and July & Aug 2018 POTM


Hey Sugas!!! As I was swatching todays featured polishes, I began to think about the last 6 years. I asked myself, “Krystal, Suga, what have you done consistently, without gripe, without groan, but instead with true love and passion for 6 years? Heck, even 1 year. 6 months.

As I sat there, stroke after stoke, polish after polish, I couldn’t think of anything. Besides, raising my children and being in love with my husband, I was blank.

It wasn’t until I was sitting down to type this post did I realize that I have my blog, the Queendom and my love for nails, nail polish and nail art that has kept me sane for the last 3 years! Go me!

I say all that to say, 6 years is a long time and it’s even longer to waste it on something you don’t love. Missi of Different Dimensions is celebrating 6 years in business!!! Now if that isn’t worth celebrating I don’t know what is.

And what’s a party without gifts?!?! But instead of giving to Missi, she is giving to us – Different Dimensions style!!! Can you say sale?! She will be having a HUGE 30% off EVERYTHING on the site for 6 days (August 1st – August 6th)!! Missi will also be bringing back several blasts from the past in small batches!

But wait…there’s more!!! After the sale Missi, will be introducing special member perks to everyone in the Portal to a Different Dimension Facebook Fan Group as a thank you to the loyal customers…see I told you there are perks and benefits to being a member! Don’t worry, the direct link is below.

So let’s see, what else…. oh, the 6th anniversary polishes will only be available during the month of August (or until supplies run out!)…. in layman’s terms, don’t wait!


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Moore Swatches: Colors by Llarowe (CbL) – July and August 2018 POTM


Hey Sugas! Earlier this year, Leah Ann of CbL (Colors by llarowe) announced she was concentrating on wholesale operations solely and discontinued selling through in the retail market. This change came as she realized continual growth over the last several years due to amazing support! #YAYforindies!!! While maintaining complete control over the product as creator of llarowe/CbL, it was decided to turn the retail portion of over to Color4Nails, a US based stockist.


With launch of several new products included within the new line of Care by Llarowe, Leah Ann is proud to announce that Colors by Llarowe is back on its own home base once again –!!!!

And yes, you read it right! Care by Llarowe is launching very soon with products that include body wash, lotion, salt and sugar scrubs and much, much more!!! Details regarding product launch and availability are forthcoming, so be sure to join the Facebook Fan Group and/or email list for up to date info about these exciting changes!!!

To help re-launch, CbL is releasing not 1 but 2, polishes of the month (POTM), Renegade for July and The Grass is Greener for August. Both of these polishes gave me my ENTIRE LIFE!!! Therefore, I don’t recommend you hesitate on picking them both up during the limited time pre-order, August 1st thru August 7th.


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Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – July 2018 Release


Hey Sugas!!! I promise not to get all emotional on this post , ugh, who am I kidding I cried watching Frozen…lol. Today’s featured maker and brand is more than just polish to me, it’s evolved into a real friendship. Let me tell you a little story.

A little over a year ago I received a request to swatch for a new brand that was just about to launch. I accepted and within the next few days I received not 1 or 2 or 3 polishes but 20+. I thought maybe these polishes would be released over time so I messaged the maker back to inquire and she advised that indeed she was releasing all the polishes at the same time. I knew then she was on the cray-cray side. But seeing the polishes and swatching them, I knew she was my kinda cray-cray.

Fast forward a year and here she is! Carrie of Sassy Sauce Polish is thriving in the indie polish community and always creates jaw-dropping polishes. I have had the extreme pleasure to not only witness the growh of the brand but to more importantly to call Carrie, friend.

Here’s to you Carrie and Sassy Sauce! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see what the next years bring!


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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Beavis and Butthead Quad with Wildflower Lacquers and August POTM


Hey Sugas! Do I have any Beavis and Butthead fans in here?!?!

Beavis and Butt-Head was an American adult animated sitcom created by Mike Judge which aired on MTV from 1993-1997 and then again for an eighth season ,the series was later renewed from Oct to Dec 2011. In 1996, the series was adapted into the animated feature film, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

While I was not permitted to watch the show because I was 10 or so and cable shows were a no-no in my house, I remember the show being all the rage. A series about two teenage heavy-metal music fans who occasionally did idiotic things because they’re bored. For them, everything was “cool” or “sucks”. From what I recall, they barely attended school, they tried to score with chicks and they watched TV.

But the show doesn’t have to be your cup of tea in order to enjoy the quad created by Jennalyn of LynB Designs and Taylor of Wildflower Lacquer. Each maker created 2 polishes reminiscent of the their fond memories from the show.

I also have the August Polish of the Moth (POTM) from LynB Designs, Peri-Don’t. If you haven’t been collecting up to this point, August is the month to have. The glitters ‘dance’ in the light and the flakies are quite mesmerizing!


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Moore Swatches: Leesha’s Lacquer – Beachy Keen Holo Collection


Hey Suags!!! Am I the only one the considers summer being from Memorial Day to Labor Day? LOL! I mean I know the calendar says it’s June 21st to September 21st but I always think, if the pool is open, it’s summer…lol. That said, anybody beach bound in the last 6 weeks of summer??? If so, boy do I have a beachin’ collection for you.

As you sit ocean side, do it in style with the 5 piece, Beachy Keen Holo Collection, inspired by the sun, summer and all things beach!!! You’ll definitely want to pull out your sunglasses for these bright holos from Leesha’s Lacquer!

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Moore Swatches: Blush Lacquers Beachside Sunset Collection


Hey Sugas!!! This is NOT a drill!!

This is NOT a test!!!

This is the REAL DEAL!!!

Gather up all your coins and set all of your alarms because the polish game just got real, real!!

Now let me just interject here real quick and say, when I was at the beach in June, sitting on the sand and taking in the sun, I don’t remember it looking as good as these polishes. But maybe because I wasn’t at the right beaches??? Guess, I have to live vicariously through this collection has we visit beaches of the Bahamas, Malibu and Santorini, just to name a few.

Today I have the 8 piece Beachside Sunset Collection from Blush Lacquers featuring shades in both hot & pastel colors inspired by the setting sun on exotic beaches.


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The Queens Critique: It Girl Nail Art – The Indie Shop (TIS) Seattle


Hey Sugas!!! Who all is going to The Indie Shop (TIS)-Seattle??? One.. two…. keep those hands raised high so I can see you, three.. four….

Wow, quiet a few of you! Great!!!! Who’s excited to #buyallthepolish??? LOL!!!

Now the bigger question is…where are all of my nail art, nail stamping ladies and gents at??? Those are the peeps I need to be talking to today!!! Did you know that It Girl Nail Art (IGNA) will be vending at TIS-Seattle???? Yep, your one stop shop will be there in all of her stamping glory ready to elevate your stamping game to the next level with new plates, new stamping polishes are other great products to give you the salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home.

IGNA is owned and operated by Nicole Bivins out of Washington and to find out more about her, check out my Up Close and Personal Interview along with a few reviews of other plates and products, here, here and here!

Today I have the deets on what is launching at TIS-Seattle coming up Sunday, July 22nd.

First up is IG123, a full-size plate with textures and IG124, a full-size plate with optical illusion patterns.

I know, gorgeous right?! Do  you have grabby hands yet? Keeping reading to find out what else you can expect!

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Be Challenged: The King’s Choice with King of Nails 82

Hey Sugas!!! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know my fabulous husband, the Kings of Nails 82, Jason. Every now and then you can catch him hanging shelves in my nail office, driving to PC or being obnoxious, I mean funny, during my live videos but through it all, he’s a great sport. and I love me some him! 

And yes, I’m beefing up all the adjectives and sappy love stuff in this post to make him sound like the amazing gem he really is….and also just in case he reads this, he’s may fell inclined to let me buy more polish…lol.

Kidding… kinda!

But regardless, Jason is my better half, the one that keeps me sane and grounded and the one that has been my cheerleader throughout my nail journey. Over the years and through the countless bottles of nail polish, Jason has made comment to some of them that he really likes.

So I decided to put him to the test. I challenged him to chose 10 of his favorites. He’s reaction was priceless.

“How am I supposed to chose only 10 out of the thousands of pictures you’ve posted?” he asks.

My response, “I don’t know, just make it happen. I don’t have  post on my blog for Wednesday and I need something.”

After the sucking of the teeth and rolling of the eyes, all I heard was “oh” and ” like this one”.

Without further adieu, here are the King’s Choices!


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