Moore Swatches: Red Eyed Lacquer – St. Patrick 2019

Hey Sugas!!! Wanna show off how cool you are? On March 17th, whether you’re in the local pub clinking your glasses overflowing with green beer or just out for a simple stroll or running an errand, greet someone by saying ‘slainte’. If they’re Irish or Scottish, I hope you are greeted likewise. If not, you can impart to them a new word. Slainte is a word literally translating as “good health” or “cheers” in several Gaelic languages and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland and Scotland. If you’re not bold enough to speak to a complete stranger, then perhaps flashing a mani their way will get the point across. 
Today I have the St Patrick 2019 polish from Red Eyed Lacquer appropriately named, Slainte. So whether you say it or wear, you’ll have your bases covered. 
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Moore Swatches: Bee’s Knees Lacquer – March 2019 Release


Hey Sugas!!! It’s been a week. Dealing with kid stuff and to top it off, there is a stomach thing going around my house. #ugh! It’s so bad that today was the first day in almost 11 years that I called in sick. Jason also stayed home from work and we literally slept most of the day while taking Pepto, drinking ginger ale and eating toast when we could manage to stay awake for longer than 30 minutes. Like I said, it’s been a week.

I apologize for the delay and esthetics of my post but I was determined to keep my schedule and bring you the upcoming March 2019 Release from Bee’s Knees Lacquer. Today I have the 5 polishes that are joining the core Arcana Collection which includes, The Fool, The Devil, The World, The Emperor, The Magician, The Red Witch and The Reaper.


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Moore Swatches: Girly Bits – March 2019 COTM


Hey Sugas!!! The way I see it, spring can’t come fast enough. I am so ready to replace my heavy coat and hat for flip-flops and tank tops. Not only that, I am ready for some “spring-like” polish shades. Luckily, Girly Bits is not making us wait any longer!!! 

The March 2019 Colors of the Month (CotM) will be available starting this Friday, March 1st. Today I’m eager to share Things Get Better with Sage named by group member Anita J and Cyan-tifically Proven named by group member Kelly L. 


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Moore Swatches: March Polish Pickup – Album Covers


Hey Sugas!!! I’m not sure about you, but music for me is a way to escape and on a day like today, music is exactly what the doctor ordered to soothe the my soul. Born in the 80s and raised in the 90s, when music was music…lol, a cool album cover was just as important as the music and the lyrics; the perfect combo for a top charting success in my opinion. I remember my friends and I used to flock to the record stores, like Circuit City and FYE and spend hours listening to CD after CD, being mesmerized by the album covers that would end up tell a story of our childhood years. For instance, Green Day ‘Dookie’, 

Whatever it is/was you listen(ed) to, I’m sure as soon as you heard the music you can close your eyes and picture the album cover. With the way music is set up, either digital and/or streamed nowadays, the art of the album cover under appreciated by many. That’s why today I am excited to feature 12 offerings from the March 2019 Polish Pickup themed on album covers. So plug your headphones in an turn up the volume.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono


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Moore Swatches: Grace-full Nail Polish – Wizards and Magic Collection


Hey Sugas!! It’s Grace-full’s first Harry Potter themed collection.

The Wizards and Magic Collection contains 11 polishes, one thermals, three holos, two metallic flake foils, two multichromes, a magnetic and a shimmer with aurora pigment.


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Moore Swatch: Ethereal Lacquer – Harry Potter Collection and Murderino Trio


Hey Sugas!! Ever been so side-tracked by beauty that you literally forget what you’re in the middle of doing?? That was me while swatching the newest releases from Ethereal Lacquer. It must’ve been under a Harry Potter spell because I just sat there staring at my nails trying to capture every shift, every mesmerizing glow and every sparkle. But alas, it could not be done and the trance was interrupted by yelling children.

I must not have been the only hypnotized one because today post does not have 1 or 2 or even 6-8 polishes, all 12 polishes releasing this Friday, February 22nd. The Harry Potter Collection includes 9 polishes featuring sheers, toppers and more while the Murderino Trio is a 3 piece trio complete with shimmer and flakes.


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Moore Swatches: The Polish Palette – February 2019


Hey Sugas! Hopefully I’ve grabbed, or at least peaked, your attention from the cover photo because all day I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to publish this post. Today I am eager to show you the first polish palette box of 2019!

Now, if you’re new to The Polish Palette, allow me to explain. This quarterly quad features 2 polishes each from Rouge Lacquer and Tonic Polish. Both makers create stunning, cohesive shades inspired by the palette they choose. The 4 polishes are only available as a set HOWEVER, individual shades will be made available approximately 4-6 months later at full price. Please note, Rogue Lacquer will have it’s polishes from the July 2018 box available on 2/22 and additional info regarding the Tonic polishes will be announced later in the Facebook group (link below).

So who’s excited????? Let me know what you think and if you’ll be grabbing this box on Friday.


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Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – February 2019 Release


Hey Sugas!! Thus far this month has been filled with good news and celebration. As you may or may not know, my middle child celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday, Xavier is coming home from his high school band trip to Florida, Jason and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and….. I had my annual performance review at work and it went very well. All in all… February has been pretty good to me.

But the best part about February is that as of today, we are 6 weeks and 4 days away from PC NOLA Spring 2019!!! Upon the many amazing brands represented there will be this sassy maker, Carrie of Sassy Sauce Polish. Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait until PC to partake in the gloriousness that is Sassy Sauce. Along the many great creations currently available, there are 4 more joining the lineup. Allow me to introduce the February 2019 shades…..


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Moore Swatches: Road to Polish Con New Orleans Spring 2019 (Group B)


Hey Sugas!!! The countdown continues as we introduce Group B makers and brands on part 2 of the Road to Polish Con New Orleans Spring 2019.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already purchased your ticket(s), you can still do so here…

The Polish Convention New Orleans

Sat, April 6, 2019

1:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT

Ponchatrain Convention & Civic Center

4545 Williams Blvd

Kenner, LA 70065


And without further delay, here are your Group B RPTC brands and polishes…


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Moore Swatches: Anchor & Heart Polish – 2019 Charity Polishes and Rainbows & Unicorn Pee Facebook Group Custom


Hey Sugas!!! Anchor & Heart polish of the month collection for 2019 will feature 12 charity polishes created to benefit 12 worthy charities. Polishes are limited edition, with 15% of sales donated to their coordinating charities (details below). Today I have Q1 (January, February and March) polishes along with Sunshine, Water and Physics, the FB group custom for Rainbow and Unicorn Pee members.

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