The Queen’s Critique: NailDrama Box – Fall Box


Ever been so annoyed, you just want to scream? Well today, that’s me!

Here I was, all ready and prepared for Fall, but noooooooo someone decided she wasn’t ready to descend cooler temperatures on the mid-Atlantic yet. And yes, that someone is Mother Nature.

Instead , he has decided to tease us with a few cool days and here I am getting my hoodies out and shopping online for a new pair of boots. You know the kind that you put on with a pair of jeans…. whoa m I kidding, I mean jeggings, and spend the day at the pumpkin patch. Yeah, those kinda boots! We are planning to attend our family’s annual pumpkin patch day on 10/21 which is a load of fun. There’s a corn maze, hayrides, games and fun for the entire family. In the evening, we gather around a campfire, the kids make s’mores, the ladies laughing, guys playing football, and there’s even fireworks!!! It’s what fall should be like, I totally live for the day. And what’s best about it, I am curdled up in a blanket drinking hot apple cider or hot chocolate. But I can’t do that with 85 degree temperatures. So I need everyone reading this post to say a little prayer for Fall to come back.

Regardless of what the temperature will be, my nails will be lookin’ fly because I have the Fall Nail Drama Box! Here are a few mani ideas that I played with, but be sure to check there IG for more ideas and looks!

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