Moore Swatches: Alter Ego – Glitter & Shimmer Collection


Hey Sugas!!! The Polish & Beauty Expo (PBE) may have been cancelled for 2020 but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have some fun! Alter Ego was all lined up to release the Glitter & Shimmer Collection but when life throws an unexpected curve ball your way, you shift and make it work anyway. Today I have the 5 piece Glitter & Shimmer Collection featuring 5 toppers that will look great over a multitude of colors! So let’s dress up those summertime nails with a something, something!


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Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Big Number Pt2 Collection and July 2020 POTM


Hey Sugas!!! I try not to be someone that diagnoses myself but every now and then I become Dr. WebMD. I believe I suffer from acute insomnia…lol. Last night (7/8), I fell asleep at 11:30pm (ish) and I was right back up this morning at 12:29am. Here I am wide awake, laying in bed with nothing to do except troll social media. Back and forth from Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat to Tik Tok #repeat until about 4am when I made myself put down the phone. There I laid… tossing and turning…. tossing and turning. I’m not sure what time I finally dozed off but 7am came so soon and I had to get up to start my day.

BTW… if you have an non-pharmaceutical suggestions or tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep, leave them in the comments. 

So here I am, 9:17am, writing this post. PSA…. I am not responsible for the spelling and grammatical errors in this post….lol! But I must share the highly anticipated part 2 collection of Big Number. This set included 9, yes 9, polishes that are guaranteed to love! I also have the July 2020 POTM!


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Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Antiquity Collection



Hey Sugas!!! Sooooo…. I did a thing….. I completed & PASSED both portions of my state board exams and I. Am. Now. A. Licensed. Nail. Tech!!!!!!! *insert cheers from the crowd* I am so excited to officially start this chapter of my life of becoming an entrepreneur. I’m a little nervous but SUPER EXCITED!!!! 

But let’s get back to the reason we all gathered today, to check out the Antiquity Collection from Pahlish! This 6 piece set launches for preorder July 12th – July 14th!


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Moore Swatches: Jior Couture – Love You Like A Sister (L.Y.L.A.S.) Vol 2 Collection


Hey Sugas!!! We’ve all had those people that come in our life for some reason or another that bring value, joy and love and those are the ones we love like family. 

Today I have Love You Like A Sister Vol 2 from Jior Couture! This 5 piece collection highlights some very special ladies and the polish created are just as lovely as they are!


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