Moore Nail Mail: Bee’s Knees Lacquer

I didn’t think I could do it but I managed to get 5 polished swatched today AND write this post! I just couldn’t delay showing off my recent purchase until next week, so I apologize in advance if my swatches aren’t up to par and you find a few spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Because of my unrelenting need to get this post up, I also decided to forego nail art swatches for these polishes but rest assured you will see them again very soon!

What’s all the buzz you ask? Well, it’s Bee’s Knees of course!! I can NOT believe I allowed 2017 to go by and not try this brand! The buck stops here because I can tell you that if these 5 polishes I picked up are any indication of what Sara is creating then I am here for it honey! Yaaaasssss!!!

I decided for the new year that I was going to shop a ‘new to me’ brand every month. I decided to start with Bee’s Knees because I had heard and read nothing but positive reviews. It was a no brainer. Sara, owner/creator of Bee’s Knees, was having a sale so I decided to take advantage. With the help of my friends on IG recommending their faves, I decided on 5. But let’s be honest, I could have bought everything if my wallet allowed it.

Nevertheless, I am extremely pleased with my picks. So without further delay, let’s jump into the swatches.


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Moore Nail Mail: Moo Moo’s Signature – The Last Night of Pompeii

Hey y’all!! Today I want to show you a gorgeous polish I was able to snag thru a destash! When I saw initial swatches on IG I knew I had to have it but my dreams were short lived because I found out that the polish was a group exclusive for One More Polish based in Russia. I figured by the time I figured out how to order and determine IF they shipped to the US, the shipping rates would be OUTRAGEOUS. But thank goodness for destashses and one mans trash…. well, you know the rest. Now whether or not the polish is still available or not, I’m not sure but, if you like it enough maybe you can score it is a destash like I did!

I bought this polish back in November but because of the move and having to do a change of address, the PO ‘misplaced’ it for awhile resulting in delayed delivery. I just opened it last night and knew immediately that I had to get it on my nails first thing. So I said good-bye to my Ho Ho Ho-liday Mani and indulged myself in The Last Night of Pompeii by Moo Moo’s Signatures.

The first thing I literally said out loud to myself was, “CRAP!!!”

I felt so many emotions while I applied the polish. Like, why? Why did it take me so long to try this brand? How I have I gone this long with out this polish?

But enough of all that, let’s take a look! Enjoy…

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Nail Mail: September


Hey ya’ll, it’s finally Friday! I went buckwild this month and we only halfway through. However, I am putting myself on a loooow buy after September because holiday shopping will be here before you know it and shopping for 3 kids is brutal. This won’t stop my monthly nail mail posts, oh no, I’ll still be making purchases. But back to the reason that brought you all here…#NAILMAIL!!!

I’ve bought some killer polishes, if I do say so myself and I’m ecstatic to show you all. If you haven’t seen my nail mail from August, be sure to check it out here.

Today I have:

  • Fall/Winter 2016 Collection by In The Name of Polish
  • Midnight Mayhem (Sept GPF Group Custom), Vampire Breath and Night of the Living Dummy from the It’s Gonna Be A Scream  Collection by Glam Polish
  • Dragon Heartstring from the Ollivander Wanderlore Collection by Nvr Enuff
  • Summer Shenanigans and Dark Twisted Fantasies by Vapid

Let’s get started, shall we?

Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
by In The Name of Polish

Pictured l to r: top row – (Crèmes)Wasabi & Mistletoe, Special Brownies, Smashin Pumkins, Baby Sh!t and Sh!ttin Bricks. Bottom row – (Shimmers) Sugar Plum Barry from Accounting, Skinny Jeans Moose Knuckle and Sweet Turtleneck Bro

I apologize in advance for not doing actual swatches of these polishes, time just didn’t permit. If you’d like to see swatches, check out my girl, Kaylyna aka KillaKays_NailAdventure on Instagram or her full S&R on her blog. What I did have time to do was a watermarble using all the crème polishes of this collection. By now, I’m sure you realize how easily INTOP spread in the water making marbling easy and fun.

My mani featured Sugar Plum Barry from Accounting on the index finger, Skinny Jeans Moose Knuckle on the middle finger, Sweet Turtleneck Bro on the pinky and a watermarble of the cremes on the ring/accent finger. This collection is perfect for fall and a must have!!!

Midnight Mayhem (Sept GPF Group Custom), Night of the Living Dummy and Vampire Breath from the It’s Gonna Be A Scream Collection
by Glam Polish

I was trying not to over spend my polish budget so early in the month but lets face it, when Glam has new collections being released AND a phenomenal group custom, the budget goes out the door.

I did show some self restraint and only ordered Midnight Mayhem (Glam Polish Fan) Group Custom, Night of the Living Dummy and Vampire Breath from the new It’s Gonna be a Scream Collection.

Please note, you must be a member of the Glam Polish Fans on Facebook to get this polish. There is a special member code that needs to be entered to reduce the price from $120 to $12.

Overall, I loooove these polishes. The colors are perrrfect. However, they do apply a little thick so I would caution you apply in thin coats and allow plenty of drying time.

Dragon Heartstring
from the Ollivander Wanderlore Collection
by Nvr Enuff

Dragon Heartstring totally pulled on my heartstrings and said ‘buy me, Krystal, buy me,’ and I have learned to go with my gut. I am so happy I did because this polish is truly amazing.

Wanda aka my Cindy/Cinderella hand, decided to make a special guess appearance for this swatch of Dragon Heartstring. Normally, I don’t buy toppers because I’m always worried about what base to use underneath. But when I saw PR sample swatches, I knew this one was a no brainer. Here is Dragon Heartstring over Zoya’s Louise.

Summer Shenanigans & Dark Twisted Fantasies
by Vapid

Just when you thought summer was over, Vapid releases Summer Shenanigans! The magenta and blue drew me in but the orange sealed the deal. I am so happy I decided to get this trio because it’s a limited pour and once sold out they will not come back until 2017.

I did the best I could to use all the colors in 1 mani rather than individual swatches. I like that you can wear the alone or all together.

On the index finger I have Fish Out of Water, a turquoise, jelly like polish with intense copper shimmer.
On the middle finger I have Use Your Noodle, a vibrant orange with gold, large particle shimmer.
I used Round n’ Round on the pinky. It is described as a magenta polish w a beautiful copper shimmer.
The accent finger is a fan brush nail using all the polishes.

I have missed out on a lot of Vapids in the past as I recently became more involved in the indie polish world in the last 9 months. Many of the older ones that I have fallen in love with are now HTF. Every once in awhile prayers are answered and those that are HTF, are re-released. That was my experience with Dark Twisted Fantasies (DTF). I longed for the day this beauty would be mine. I searched high and low but no one was destashing it. Then, Krys announced it was coming back and the I heard angels sing.



Would you look at this beautiful color. Yes, add it to the list of must haves from Vapid. If you miss this, you will only blame and kick yourself later for missing it.

What goodies have you or do you plan on buying this month?


Nail Mail: August

This post was too good not to share and I am sooo excited about it because sometimes great ideas just pop in my head and I have to act on them quick, mainly because they don’t happen very often….lol. As a self-proclaimed nail addict, I tend to order A LOT of nail polish, plates, brushes, tools, etc (shhhhhh…don’t tell the hubby. I usually smuggle it all in) but as a wife and mother I don’t always have the time to blog about each individual item or order. Here’s where my genius kicks in, I decided to dedicate 1 post a month to show and review as much monthly Nail Mail as possible.

August was kinda slow compared to the shopping damage I’ve done before, probably because I was trying to save money for vacation. Nonetheless, I was able to squeeze in a few purchases and today I’ll be showing you:

  • Moonbow and Prism Drops by pdp
  • Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate, XL plate holder and clear stamper from DRK
  • Ultraviolet Galaxy by Glam Polish (GPF Exclusive)

Shall we begin….

Up first is

Moonbow and Prism Drops
by pipe dream polish







Moonbow is described as a black scattered holo and Prism Drops is a silver scattered holo. Both were made for watermarbling but look great on their own. Lets put that claim to the test.
These polishes spread wonderfully and with ease.


Here is my final mani. On the index finger I have 2 coats of Prism Drops and on the pinky I have 2 coats of Moonbow. On the middle and ring finger I have an attempt at a flower petal watermarble over a coat of Whitewater. I plan on wearing this mani for a day or 2 so I do also have a base and top coat.



Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate, XL plate holder
and clear stamper from DRK


*Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate -Designed by Gabriela Pouchain and is sinfully gorgeous. It is oacked with endless designs and possibilities. This plate measures at 21 x 17 cm (8.26 x 6.69 inches) and is complete with a white plastic protector in the back.

*XL Stamping Plate Case – I have many XL plates so this case had been on my list for awhile. It perfectly fits all my DRK plates and a few other plates including GoGoOnly plates. It holds up to 8 plates so I may be ordering another one but it did have a  few minor imperfections on the first few sheets of staining from the pink dye, but I didn’t mind at all. Sleeves fit all plate sizes up to 8.43 x 6.81 in (21.4 x 17.3 cm) 

*DRK Clear Jelly Stamper With Lid + Scraper Clear Jelly Silicone – I love the lid that the stamper came with because it protects the fragile silicone stamping head while storing it away. The stamper head measures 2.7 cm in diameter and picks up without issue.

*Super Jelly Stamper with Clear Body – This one also came with a lid but I ordered this one because of the large stamping head size, 4.2 cm in diameter. It fits snuggly in my hand and picks up larger images with ease.

And finally

Ultraviolet Galaxy
by Glam Polish (GPF Exclusive)

(Please note you must be a member of the FB Fan Group to get the discount code to reduce the listed cost of $120 to $12)

Ultraviolet Galaxy is described as a galaxy themed indigo scatted holo jelly with shimmering glass flecks, color shifting and iridescent flakies. I knew as soon as I saw swatches of this one that I needed it…even though I tried to talk myself out of it. This is the 2nd Fan Group Exclusive shade for 2016.

What goodies did you get this month and what’s on your list for September?