Swatch & Review: Girly Bits – November COTM


SURPRISE!!! I’m baaaaaaacccccck! I told you I had a double whammy from Girly Bits today and I’m so happy you jumped over to check out the COTM (Colors of the Month). Both of these polishes are cruelty free, and vegan. The names will be announced after the naming contest in the Facebook fan group and I believe there’s still time to cast your vote so head on over and get in on the action. UPDATE: POLISHES HAVE BEEN NAMED!!!

And who doesn’t love the an early bird special?! Pick up the duo from the Duo Early Bird Promo listing at a discounted price of $1.00 off each bottle from Nov. 1st until the 10th. After that, they will continue to be available for purchase individually at full price only.

So enough of me jammering on and on, let’s take a look at the COTM.

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Swatch & Review: Girly Bits – Fall 2017 Collection Part 1


Hey y’all today I have a double, girly whammy! First up from Girly Bits I have part 1 of the Fall 2017 Collection. But before we jump into the collection, I wanted to share a little bit about my weekend, I promise to keep it short. If you remember last week, I talked heavily about family day at the pumpkin patch complete with campfire, s’mores and fireworks.


Well… it was amazing!

A good time was had by all and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Ok so on to the polish! Again, I have part 1 of the Fall 2017 Collection from Girly Bits. This is the first time for Pam and her brand in the Queendom, so let’s take a peak into the brand.

“Girly Bits Cosmetics is a Canadian company that has been handcrafting quality nail polish since 2011 in a dazzling array of colours and finishes. As a brand dedicated to providing cruelty free, on-trend and unique products, Girly Bits Cosmetics is well known for outstanding customer service, charitable donations and complex finishes in nail polish.  Available at several on-line retailers around the globe, and a growing number of brick and mortar stores, you can be sure to easily find the season’s hottest new shades, as well as timeless customer favourites.”

“A long time fascination with colours and textures naturally translated into an impressive collection of polishes for Girly Bits Cosmetics Founder and Creator, Pam Heil. Always searching for that special colour that she could see in her head but never find on a shelf lead Heil to become a kitchen chemist and start sourcing raw ingredients, and mixing her own polishes. “I was like a kid playing with finger paints for the first time” she says.”

“Eventually gathering enough courage to show her creations to members outside of her loyal fan club, Pam knew she was really on to something special when she started to get more and more requests for extra bottles from those who love her blends. Feeling ever braver and more creative, she continued mixing, creating and swatching, dreaming up the colours and names that have grown to become the beloved Girly Bits Cosmetics collections of today.”

So now that we know about Pam and Girly Bits, let’s check out the polish!!

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