Swatch & Review: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer – The Something is Coming Collection


Howdy folks! It’s finally Thursday and boy am I happy! So far this week has felt like an eternity, I’m just ready for the weekend already. Is that too much to ask? I need a shirt that says ‘I live for weekends’ or ‘Wake me when it’s Saturday’… that would be so awesome! They would pretty much sum up my total existence.

The reason I am looking forward to this weekend is because it’s fall family day at the pumpkin patch. I absolutely love family, #FOE, and I love spending time with family. Every year, Jason’s cousin hosts family day at the pumpkin patch and it’s a day full of fun and making memories. I’m planning for it to chilly out that evening so I’ve already been pondering my attire cause ain’t nobody got time to be cold. I’ll be relaxing by the fire pit with my blanket with the kids and men take on the corn maze. As you all know I don’t do spooky, scary and/or creepy things. I am scaredy-cat and strange things happen at night. In a corn maze. Especially if Jason is around. He’s a practical jokester and I will not be part of his shenanigans. Nope. Not gonna do it!

but speaking of stranger things, this month’s Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s collection was inspired by the Netflix show Stranger Things. Yep, this 4-piece collection will be available starting Oct. 24th and will not be offered this as a set. So you get to pick what you like. Spoiler Alert, you’ll want them all!!

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