Moore Swatches: August 2019 Polish Pickup (PPU) and Indie Pickup (IPU) – At the Carnival


Hey Sugas!!! Welcome to August Polish/Indie Pickup 2019, where the rides are fast, the lights are bright and the games are fun!

I ain’t gonna lie… I had to look up what a carnival is and my best definition that I could come up with is that it’s a temporary, travelling amusement park, fair and circus all in one. In my 36 years, I have to admit that I’ve never been to a “carnival”, but I’ve been to an amusement park, a fair and a circus and they all offer a great time for family and friends and exciting attractions. 

A fair typically has the games and prizes and deep fried EVERYTHING, while an amusement park has games but is always best known for the rides. And we can’t forget the circus which offers clowns, acrobatics and death-defying stunts. Combine all that and you have a day at the carnival!

Today I have 25 PPU/IPU offerings all themed and inspired by… you guessed it, the carnival! So let’s rewind time back to when you were a kid again and get our polish on – carnival style!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Alter Ego – Whirlin’ in the Moonlight

Maker: Cynthia

Description: A royal shimmering blue with gold holo microglitter

Price: $9 / Cap: 30 bottles 

Bee’s Knees Lacquer – Find Yourself

Maker: Sarah

Description: A sandy tan with glowing green to purple/pink shimmer

Price: $12 / Cap: NONE 

Bluebird Lacquer – I’m Not Having Any Funhouse

Maker: Lou

Description: An ultra violet jelly packed with purple-turquoise-magenta ucc and iridescent flakies that give it a sparkling faceted effect

Price: $11.50 / Cap: NONE 

Blush – Le Cirque Des Reves

Maker: Victoria

Description: A black base polish with a violet-pink to red to gold shifting shimmer and holo flakies

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE 

Cupcake Polish – Texas Star

Maker: Sara

Description: A black jelly filled with silver holo flakies, blue iridescent and multichrome flakies

Price: $13 / Cap: NONE 

Different Dimensions – Come One, Come All

Maker: Missi

Description: A steel blue crelly with pink/orange/copper/gold color shifting iridescent flakies red/green/orange autora shimmers, holo microflakies and holo microglitters

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

On the Midway Cuticle Oil

Description: A custom blended fragrance cuticle oil with notes of kettle corn, candy apples, cotton candy and lemon shakes

Price: $5 / Cap: NONE

Ethereal Lacquer – Caramel

Maker: Meagan

Description: A delicious caramel tinted base with strong red to green color shifting shimmer 

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE

Fair Maiden – It’s So Fluffy (T)

Maker: Adrienne and Sarah

Description: A cool toned, medium pink to white thermal with iridescent shimmer and red/gold/green shifting flakes

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Devil’s Wheel

Maker: Sophie

Description: A smouldering red-toned purple packed with red/green aurora and iridescent flakes. 

Price: $14 / Cap: NONE 

Ginger Fizz Boutique – Animal Crackers Wax Brittle

Maker: Shelly

Description: A soy wax blend with notes of sugar cookies, cotton candy, butter creme and vanilla bean fluffy white marshmallow

Price: $5 / Cap: 75 

Glisten & Glow – Spinning on the Sizzler

Maker: Jill

Description: A jewel toned, purple polish loaded with purple/blue/teal/pink color shifting iridescent flakies, holo flakies and pink/red/copper/green aurora shimmer

Price: $11 / Cap: 415 bottles

Kathleen & Co. – Carnival Lights

Maker: Mary Mia

Description: A black jelly based with colorshifting iridescent flakies in a rainbow of colors, aurora shimmer and holo microflakes

Price: $12.50 / Cap: 125 bottles 

KBShimmer – Mirror, Mirror in the Stall

Maker: Christy

Description: A sparkly silvery shade with micro holo flakes and gold/pink/green color shifting aurora shimmer

Price: $10 / Cap: NONE 

Lemming Lacquer – Pennywise the Dancing Clown 

Maker: Casey

Description: A orange/red shimmer, gold/orange/copper/red iridescent flakes, red/bronze/copper multichrome flakes, and scattered holo microflakes in a dark reddened plum base

Price: $13 / Cap: 250 bottles

LynB Designs – They See Me Flyin’

Maker: Jennalyn

Description: A warm pink base filled with pink to copper to violet shifting shimmer, two different varieties of blue UCC flakies, and micro holo shreds

Price: $12 / Cap: 225 bottles

Vom-Com Anti-nausea Diffuser

Description: A blend of ginger, orange, peppermint, and fennel essential oils to help calm your stomach and create a peaceful mood

Price: $5.50 / Cap: NONE

Ms. Sparkle – Bumper Cars

Maker: Simone

Description: A sheer black jelly base with strong holo and packed with flakies

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE 

Necessary Evil – Scream-O-Coaster

Maker: Tamara

Description: An orange-red base with scattered holo and copper shimmer

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE 

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Fluff ‘n Stuff

Maker: Virginia

Description: A medium blue base mixed with scattered holographic pigment, silver holographic micro glitters, spiced up with a mix of 3 types of crystal chameleon flakies and finished off with a heaping helping of Aurora pigment.

Price: $13 / Cap: 180 bottles 

Fluff ‘n Cream Scented Matte Topcoat

Description: A delicious combination of juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears blended together with sugared candy lemon drops meshed and crushed Madagascar vanilla

Price: $7 / Cap: 210 bottles 

Rogue Lacquer – Best Day Ever

Maker: Rachel

Description: A turquoise blue crelly with copper, red bronze, cyan and violet ucc flakes. 

Price: $12 / Cap: 370 bottles 

Sassy Pants – Amberina

Maker: Angie

Description: An amber/coral multi-chrome holographic base with UCC flakies and aurora shifting shimmer

Price: $12 / Cap: NONE

Sassy Sauce Polish – Carnival Balls (T)

Maker: Carrie

Description: A violet to clear thermal with aurora shimmer, ultra chrome, several types of crystal flakes and pink/blue/green color shift

Price: $12.75 / Cap: 300 bottles 

Scofflaw – Circus Peanuts

Maker: Finch

Description: A soft peach-orange creme, with neon orange and aqua glitters and a delicate aqua sparkle shimmer

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE 

Available: Friday, August 2nd @ 11am et – Monday, August 5th @ 11:59pm et!!!!

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