Review: Digit Dust and Nail Sauce

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Hey y’all, before any good party, I have to pamper myself; go shopping for a new outfit and shoes, get my hair did and do my nails. That is exactly what I did today! After all the swatching to get ready for Vapid’s #vapibirthday, my nails are in need of some R&R. By now I’m sure you have heard, seen and used mani bombs and have fallen in love with the way your hands feel after. Today I’m treating myself to a full mani with a twist! After optional step #5 of Manicure Must Haves, I soaked my nubs (yes…I had to cut my nails down even more after suffering an nailjury during the 4th of July holiday weekend) in Vapid’s Digit Dust!! I was sent two 2oz packages of Digit Dust to review and what better time to use them than now as they are being released during the #vapibirthday on 7/16/16 at 1pm CST. The surprises never stop!

I’m a sucker for anything sweet smelling i.e. food, candles, etc. and these 2 scents hit the mark. As soon as you open the pouch the sweet fragrance hits you and I imagine this is was unicorn farts smell like…lol. To 1 cup of hot/warm tap water, I added a tsp of Unicorn Milk (right) and Cotton Candy (left) and watched as magic happened right before my eyes. Depending on the body part you are using Digit Dust for, you will need to adjust the amount used.


Once the dust settled (hahahaha…a little digit dust humor there), I immediately soaked my hands for a good 3 minutes and didn’t want to take my hands out. I caught myself think how amazing this is going to be during a pedi or in the bathtub. A glass of wine, warm water, vanilla scented candles and Digit Dust (sorry for my little tangent there, I tend to get a little side tracked).

However, I succumbed to cooling water and removed my hands. I gently toweled off, applied my base coat and finished off with some cuticle lovin using Vapid’s Nail Sauce in Cotton Candy scent. The smell in the air is warm, sweet and relaxing. Even my kids asked for some candy and I had to explain that it was Digit Dust, NOT FOOD!!!

So as I sit here with naked nails, pondering my next mani, I just can’t help but wonder what my nails would say if they could talk (that would be kinda weird and scary). But if they could, I imagine they would say “Thank you, Krys and Vapid team, for this amazing new product that has us feeling soft, smooth and smelling so yummy!” This is a definite must have for any good mani and has officially made its way to my Manicure Must Have list. I’m so excited to see what other scents are released and what other products they come up with next.


So don’t forget, #vapibirthday is Saturday, July 16th at 1pm CST and a host of old friends returning along with the 2016 Summer Shimmers, Digit Dust and Cat Suit with a doe foot applicator which I used for my 4th of July mani.

Digit Dust will be available as shown, in 2oz packages for $3.00. Scents are Limited Edition for July and the summer but Digit Dust is sticking around. What’s on your wish list for this release?

(Side note, you may be wondering why these packages have different names. Well, here’s the inside scope. I was originally sent Dragon Dust when I was sent Ride or Die to swatch and review but hadn’t gotten around to using it. When I was sent the release polishes for #vapibirthday, it included Digit Dust. I inquired about the difference and was advised they are one in the same but there was a name change from Dragon to Digit Dust.)



10 thoughts on “Review: Digit Dust and Nail Sauce

  1. I love this post! You’ve done a great review and now I really want to go and have a lovely soak in the bath! (Chance would be a fine thing! The last time I had a bath rather than a shower my son was newborn – he’s now 3!!!!)x


  2. Oh you reminded me I need to pick these up! Love that it’s dust and I can use as much or as little as I want!


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