Swatch & Review: Vapid – #vapibirthday

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Krys and the Vapid team, cordially invite you to their event of the year!!!!!!

Who: Vapid

What: 3rd Birthday Party

Where: Vapid Store

When: Saturday, July 16th at 1pm CST

This month Vapid is celebrating their 3rd birthday!!!!!! But not any birthday, oh no, a #vapibirthday!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! There are a lot of surprise guests in attendance that have already RSVP’d for the wonderful occasion, so lets get started…

Hitting the red carpet run way first are some classics and they brought along a new friend!Here’s……



Bullied – a charcoal black shimmer polish shown here in 2 coats.

 Be the Cream


Be the Cream- a creamy white shimmer shown in here in 3 coats.



And…Bruised – a dark, deep aphotic blue jelly with sapphire blue, black and purple holographic ultrafine glitters and a purple/blue shimmer shown in 2 coats.

Up next we have, THE SUMMER SHIMMERS for 2016



Wanderlust – a periwinkle blue base with a gold/copper simmer. Shown here in 2 coats

Cheap Sunglasses


Cheap Sunglasses – a vivid coral with copper shimmer shown here in 3 coats.



Catamaran – a light violet with a turquoise shimmer shown here in 2 coats.



Tidal – a dusty violet tinted turquoise with a blue to green shimmer. Shown here is 2 coats

 Watercolor Octopus


Watercolor Octopus – a light turquoise with violet to magenta shimmer shown here in 3 coats.

Last, but certainly not least, an old favorite……

Unicorn Egg


Unicorn Egg – a creamy white crelly with holo micro glitter. YUM! shown here in 3 coats.

Man, oh man, Vapid sure has pulled out all the stops. Overall, these polishes prove to make this #vapibirthday a star-studded event. The formulas on all of them is fantastic. Even with different finishes from shimmers to flakies to micro-glitters, the formulas are buttery smooth and easy to apply. As with most shimmers, they dry with a satin finish and a high gloss TC, is highly recommended to really show off what they’re working with.

I know I’ll be there because I do love a good party and this is sure to be talked about amongst the who’s, who…lol. So, shall I put you down as attending? If so, who are taking home with you at the end of the night?

Price/ Size List
Full size $9 and Schmediums $6 will be available

Classics $9 (Bullied $10, Be the Cream, Bruised and Unicorn Egg)
ONLY full-size will be available



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