Moore Swatches: Grace-full Nail Polish – Retro Bros Collection


Hey Sugas!! Many of today’s youth with never have the pleasure of knowing the true art form of jumping rope, playing hopscotch or even catching fireflies, but most importantly, they will never experience playing retro video games like Duck Hunt and the infamous Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo systems. 

Today’s 9 piece collection, Retro Bros from Grace-full Nail Polish, is a nod to good times and great memories. This collection features 2 thermals, a crelly glitter, iridescent flakes, 2 scattered holos, 2 aurora shimmers and a crelly shimmer.

Let me know in the comments your favorite from the collection and a childhood game you use to play.


**All swatches are done using Liquid latex Peel-off Base Coat, Glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Little Green Dinosaur (T)

A lime to mid to dark green tri thermal inspired by Yoshi

The Sorcerer King

A scattered holo with shifting colors of gold and bronze and a subtle red flash inspired by Bowser

A Peach for a Princess

A scattered holo in hot pink with gold shimmer inspired by Princess Peach

Captain Toad

An old school crelly glitter with a blue base it has dot glitter in a red holo and matte white, with blue, red and gold different sized hex glitter inspired by Toadster


A purple shimmer with purple, pink and gold aurora shimmer and ultra chrome chameleon flakes inspired by Wario

Super Bros 1

A red base there are iridescent color shifting flakes in pink, gold and blue and a smattering of chrome chameleon flakes in pink-gold-purple- blue with a pinch of red aurora shimmer inspired by Mario

Super Bros 2

A blue based polish packed with blue-green aurora shimmer inspired by Luigi

Pink Alien

A super soft baby pink crelly packed with contrasting gold shimmer inspired by Kirby

Evil Twin (T)

A dark blue to purple thermal with a purple shift and ultra chrome chameleon flakes inspired by Waluigi

Grace-full Nail Polish – Retro Bros Collection

Queens Choice: A Peach for a Princess

Opacity: 3 coats

Price: NA

Availability: Sunday 16th February at 11am AEDT

Grace-full Nail Polish

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