Moore Swatches: Twisting Nether Lacquer – The Ladies of Warcraft


Hey Suga! Today I have the upcoming, Ladies of Warcraft Collection from a ‘new to me’ brand, Twisting Nether Lacquer (TWL).

TWL is a brand new indie nail company out of Lago Vista Texas. Kasi, brand owner and creator, has already to hit the ground running after years of experimenting and perfecting!! All the polishes are 5-Free (Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Methylene Glycol, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor), Vegan, and Cruelty Free. You will notice most of the inspiration for the polishes come from my love for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Music.

The featured collection is inspired by the game, World of Warcraft, which Kasi has played for a long time. “It’s a very beautiful place and gives me lots of inspiration,” says Kasi.


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issues (liquid latex peel off base coat) by Vapid, Ready 2 Go (glossy QDTC) by EA Polish and Onward Through the Fog (matte topcoat) by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**


An emerald green with lots of holo, purple sparks, violet-green-gold and bronze-copper-gold ucc flakies

The former Dragon Aspect of the green dragonflight, charged with keeping watch over the flowering wilds of Azeroth from within the Emerald Dream. Bound to this ethereal realm, she descended into an endless trance and became known thereafter as the Dreamer. She would later fight off the Emerald Nightmare and the corruption of her children. 


A white crelly with various black and gold glitters and green shimmer and sparks.

A female bronze dragon often involved with mortal affairs. As a member of the bronze dragonflight, she seeks to maintain and restore various timelines of importance in Azeroth’s recent history. Chronormu’s preferred guise when dealing with mortals is Chromie, a charismatic female gnome. 

Jaina Proudmoore

A purple base with gold shimmer, gold galaxy holo, snow white flakes and gold/bronze/silver UCC flakes

The founder and former Lady of Theramore Isle (as well as its only leader during its brief existence), the Alliance’s major port in southern Kalimdor. After the destruction of Theramore, she took leadership of the Kirin Tor. She is the daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, sister of Tandred Proudmoore and Derek Proudmoore, and the alleged half-sister of Finnall Goldensword. She is also the most powerful human sorceress on Azeroth. 

Tyrande Whisperwind (pronounced Teer-An-Dah)

A nude base with silver micro shreds, turquoise micro flakies, blue and green fantasy flakes and grreen/blue/purple and green/cyan/sapphire UCC flake

The most prominent night elf leader, as the chosen high priestess of the goddess Elune, the former general of the night elf sentinels, and the current head of the Sisterhood of Elune. Together with her lifelong mate, the Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, she has represented the highest leadership of the night elves since the fall of Queen Azshara and the Highborne caste ten thousand years ago. In World of Warcraft, she is found inside the Temple of the Moon within the Kaldorei’s capital city of Darnassus.

Wrath of the Horde

A red jelly with various holo and matte black glitters and sparkly flakes

Overall Thoughts – Twisting Nether Lacquer – The Ladies of Warcraft

Overall: I’m personally no one for video games or Sci-Fi, but after these polishes, I question that…lol. Formula / Application: I did have to do a ittle coaxing with the flakies in Ysera to get them to lay flat. I have informed Kasi and she is adjusting before launch. Queen’s Choice: Chronormu

Opacity: swatches shown in 2-3 coats

Price: Wrath of the Horde and Chronormu – $8 / All others – $9

Available: Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Twisting Nether Lacquer

Shop / Facebook Business Page / Facebook Fan Group / Instagram

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