Moore Swatches: March Polish Pickup – Books


Can I be honest here? When I was younger, like in middle and high school, I was never much of a ‘reading’ kinda person. In school, I didn’t like reading because the required books were so boring and uneventful. I then would have described myself as more of a watch and do kinda gal.

Buuuuutttt, I have to admit, now that I can read what I want, I love it! I love relaxing in a world of mystery, drama, romance, adventure and comedy with a cup of tea; getting lost in a great story line and characters I can connect with. Next thing I know, I’ve lost all track of time and I’ve finished a great novel within a days time.

All that said, the March theme for polish pickup is not only stellar polishes but educational too. Yep you guessed it, it’s books!!! The markers featured in today’s post have pulled out all the punches to bring you unbelievable beauties. 

Let’s take a look! Enjoy…

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