Moore Swatches: Painted Polish – Shades of Taupe


Hey Suga! You know what I love about nude, neutral, taupe shades? They are such a palette cleanser for those times you want to have something on your nails but just not sure what direction to go in. What I love about them even more is that 1) they are always office appropriate and 2) they are so versatile. Taupe is a must shade in any collection! Be honest, not to get too personal, but among those polka dot, stripe and hot pink unmentionables, I’m sure you have the basic colors, black, white and TAUPE!!! Same concept when it comes to polish.

Today I have the new Painted Polish Collection, Shades of Taupe. The collection features 5 different polishes within the taupe color family, each with a different finish! There’s something for everyone!

Let’s get shopping. Enjoy…

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