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Good Morning my polish people and happy Wednesday! We are one step closer to the weekend and I for 1 am super excited about that. I just have 1 word for you….HELMER! I'll leave you with that teaser and get right into todays post which come from a good friend, Krystle Medina of TopNotchTips. When I found myself in a bit of a sticky situation of skipping a post for today or asking for a guest blogger at he last minute, I went with the latter and Krystle answered the call. How thankful I am for her! So lets jump right in to see what she has in store for us today!

Hi, everyone! I'm Krystle, or also known in the nail world as TopNotchTips. 🙂 I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be a guest on Krystal's blog. I love reading her blog while sipping on my morning coffee and get super excited whenever I see her showcasing her swatches and reviews in the many Facebook groups we are a part of. ❤

Today, I will be reviewing a few stamping polishes from Born Pretty. The set of stamping polishes I received included six different colors seen below. 

Let's take a further look at some swatches!

A little while back I was given the opportunity to select a few items to review for Born Pretty. Unfortunately, shipping took a bit longer than expected since they are mostly based out of China, and one polish arrived damaged but not impossible to use, at least for this review.  In total, I waited almost two months before receiving my package. The company was very receptive about the damaged bottle and offered to issue out a replacement. 

The set of stamping polishes did not arrive with any names or numbers on the bottles, but after looking up the listing on the Born Pretty website, I was able to find more information, including the item numbers to identify the colors.

All of my swatches will show the stamping polish in one coat on my pinky and index fingers, and on the other fingers I stamped each color over Pitch Black (black) and Snow Queen (white) from the indie nail polish brand, Fancy Gloss. I used Lina Nail Art Supplies stamping plate in 4 Seasons- Spring 01 as the stamped design for all six swatches.

Up first, we have the only polish that has a name assigned to it. This is "Purple," but I would consider this to be more of a fuchsia than purple. I had high hopes for this color, and while it looks pretty over the white base, when stamped over the black base it's very muted. 

 Next up is #379, or what I would consider to be a chartreuse green. This one was a bit streaky during application on my pinky and index fingers, but that is kind of expected when dealing with lighter colors like this. I just made sure to go in with thicker coats. Over the black and white bases, this leans more on the yellow side as the consistency was on the thinner side in comparison to the other colors.Next is #333, an aqua/turquoise color that was a bit streaky but after going in with thicker coats, it leveled out and the streakiness went away.
Next up is #486, a warm tan, almost peachy, nude color. This one was also a little disappointing when stamped over the black base, but it will be useful to have for stamping over lighter bases like the white.
Following that, we have #410, a charcoal grey. Before receiving this, I did not own anything else similar in color among my stamping arsenal so I was really excited for it to be included in this set. I was also very pleased at how well this stamped over black! Definitely one of my favorites in this set.
Last up is #284, which can be considered a cornflower blue. This one is my favorite of this set! I love how opaque the consistency was on this one, it just really pops over the black base.

So, what do you guys think? 

Just a few things I noticed:
-These polishes are all generally thicker than most regular nail polishes. That said, I was a little surprised that the majority of them were not that opaque over the black base.
-The bottles, from what I can tell, do not include any mixing balls to assist in shaking up the polish.
-None of the bottles I received in my package had any labels/stickers to identify the colors.
-Any design smearage during topcoat application was mainly my fault. I am a bit heavy handed during application and worry about not covering the entire nail with topcoat so my going over and over again with the topcoat tends to smear the design. Something I am definitely trying to work on. 

My favorites of the bunch are definitely #284 and #410. In my opinion, they performed the best over both the black and white bases. You can find the set from Born Pretty linked below. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!
And a HUGE thank you to Krystal for allowing me to be a guest on her wonderful blog! 

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Well that will do it for today folks! Thank you to Krystle for making a guest appearance here in the Queendom, it was a pleasure having her. Please show her some love and comment, like and subscribe to all her social media platforms! Until next time…

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10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Krystle Medina of TopNotchTip

  1. I’m not huge on BPS stamping polishes because I find a lot of times they aren’t opaque enough over dark colours, and it seems like most of these are the same. 😦 Bummer.


  2. The last few releases of BPS stamping polishes were not as good as the first few (opacity issues), but some are really good! I have most of these, yet not all and now I want more! Love the way you reviewed these. Very informative.


  3. I love the Spring stamping plate that you used. Each of the colors looked great in spite of some of the issues that you had with thickness and opacity. I’ve heard mixed things about Born Pretty, but the end result looks stunning in all of the pix


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