Swatch & Review: Paint It Pretty Polish – Flakies, Flakies, Flakies


Hey y’all, welcome! *singing* “Flakes, flakes everywhere. Flakes, flakes I don’t care. Flakes, flakes in my polish. Flake, flakes…… yeah I don’t know, I’ll stick to my day job. But when I say ‘flakes’, what comes to mind?

I for one think… cereal, yep, Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, I love them all! And because I constantly have food on the brain, let’s say crushed red pepper flakes too. Yum, pizza… with pineapple and bacon. Wait, I’m getting carried away.

There’s also snowFLAKES and while they are great, they are not as tasty as cereal or pizza. Then again, neither are as pretty as the flakes in the collection that I have to show you today. Today I have the Flakes, Flakes, Flakes collection from a brand that is new to the Queendom, Paint It Pretty Polish. Maker and creator, Sherri sent me this quad and let’s just say, I’m seeing flakes in a brand new light! Keep Reading!!