The Queen’s Critique: Ginger Fizz Boutique – Mermaid’s Grotto


Hey Sugas! I trust you all had a fun and safe 4th or July. As you know I am still living the high that was my family vacation last week. This week I have myself many times siting at my desk daydreaming, about salt water, ocean breeze and sandy toes.

The weather was so perfect and playing in the water was so much fun. But the best memories were those of building sandcastles with the little ones or boogie boarding with my 11 year old or watching Jason, my cousin James and Xavier play Frisbee on the beach. Those are the happiest moments of the vacation that you just can’t put into words. But maybe you could put into scent?

As I sit at my desk today, warming Island Girl from the Mermaid Gotto Collection from Ginger Fizz Boutique, I am taken back to the time when we sat like mermaids on the beach and each gave our self mermaid names. We laughed like there was no tomorrow.

And when I warmed Pirates and Pearls, me and Jason’s favorite, it reminds me of how he smelled getting out of the shower mixed with ocean water.

Whatever the scent I am warming, it immediately takes back to the beach. And whether or not you are, or have been to the beach, the Mermaid Gotto Collection is a must for this summer season. Open up the windows, play your favorite song and warm something awesome!


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The Queen’s Critique: Ginger Fizz Boutique – Island Vibes Collection


It’s time to say goodbye and good riddance to the ‘other wax guys’! The days of big box, store brands and other wax makers are O-V-E-R!!!

Let me tell you a little story…

As Jason was bringing in my package from the mail box, he says, “whatever is in this box must’ve spilt or leaked because I can smell it through the box.”

I simply replied, “it’s wax!”

Jason: “Whatever I smell right now is what I want melting in the ‘man cave’.”

We literally spent a 15 mins trying to figure out which one HE liked the best… because you know it’s all about him…lol. He couldn’t narrow it down so he says “warm them all”!

As someone who used the sell wax for a direct sales company that shall remain nameless, I thought I had seen it all and smelt it all. But man, was I wrong.

When I tell ya #indiesdoitbetter that statement speaks volumes! It’s like trying to compare store bought chocolate chip cookies to grandmas 👵🏾 fresh, from scratch, right out the oven cookies 🍪. Those store bought can’t hold a candle.… no pun intended.


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The Queen’s Critique: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Cuticle Oil


Look, just because the weather is teetering on the verge of warmer weather, that does not mean that we should neglect our nails and cuticles. It’s just as important now as it is in December to protect our nails and cuticles because breaks, cracks and splits can still happen when it’s 90 degrees outside. And let’s face it, chapped, dry, painful, cracked skin and cuticles are not cute, honey and greasy fingers are not an option.

Healthy cuticles are happy cuticles and happy cuticles comes when we spoil them with the best of the best. After working endlessly to find the perfect combination of the best oils, Virginia of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited has cracked the code and as has created a soothing, healing, moisturizing oil that also penetrates quickly. 

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The Queen’s Critique: Peel Off Base Coat Comparison

What do apples, oranges and bananas all have in common? Right, they’re all fruits. Easy right?!

So what does Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all have in common?


Ok, I gave you long enough. For those that said peel-off base coat, you are the lucky winner!!! If you didn’t get it right, that’s ok, you still loved.

Cuticula, IMK Nails and Vapid all offer their own version of a peel-off base to aid with removal of stubborn finishes like glitters and quick changes during a swatch fest and today I have all 3 to compare. Now that’s not to say I don’t love all of them, because I do, they all offer something different and special.

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The Queen’s Critique: Beauty Big Bang


Hey Sugas and happy Tuesday! Today I have a review – ah I hate calling it a review, let’s say ‘my thoughts’ on 3 products I was sent from Beauty Big Bang. Because I love all things nail polish and nail art, I selected a stamping plate, clear stamper and cotton claw.

I own a lot of plates from different brands with all kinds of images and sizes and I am glad to say that I will be adding Beauty Big Bang to that lineup. I absolutely love the clear stamper; is very easy to use and has a larger, very transparent stamping head. The cotton claw is a must in any nail addicts arsenal.

Keep reading to see this products ‘in action’ and….. to get my unique blogger code good for 10% off anything in the store!

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The Queen’s Critique: IMK Nails – PeelEze Peelable Base Coat

Ok – what the heck is PeelEze? I’m so glad you asked because I am here to spill the tea!PeelEze is a water-based, cruelty-free, odor-free, colorless peel off base coat to be applied to your nails before applying regular or gel nail polish.  

But let’s take a step back! In late November 2017, Karin of IMK Nails, started mixing her own concoction of peel off base coat out for personal need. “I started thinking that I just did not want to buy another bottle because it was pricey and it can take awhile to be received and sometimes availability was questionable,” says, Karin.

As a self proclaimed ‘DIY dabbler’, Karin started thinking about what is in that product that makes it different from the other base coats that I had been using. She went to work and finally her formula performed quite well, as intended and over time she noticed some improved nail health as well.

So of course you know I had try it for myself – right?! When you change your polish as often as I do, aka daily,  it means one thing, the use of LOTS of acetone and additives. ….plus Karin was running a special and it only seemed logical…lol! The following is my personal experience of  PeelEze!    


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The Queen’s Critique: Southern Comforts

I was first “introduced” to Tamara, owner of Southern Comforts on IG back in January 2018. Over the course of a few months, we developed an acquaintance as I followed her brand and she commented on a few swatch pictures.

During the course of this time, I invited her to be a guest on my Up Close & Personal 2.0 Live Facebook Q&A, which you can find here! As Tamara continued to talk about her brand, she sold me by the end of the hour. I sent her my list and customized a few scents and a week later, my order had arrived. I was so excited!

The following morning, a Saturday, I decided to pamper myself with my Southern Comforts, seeing as though I didn’t have anywhere to go until later that morning. I hopped in the shower using the Shower Gel/Body Wash and finished up with the remaining items.

Keep reading to find out about my experience with Southern Comforts


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The Queen’s Critique: Jesse’s Girl – GlowStix and Lipstick


Are you fashion forward but don’t want to break the bank to look good? Do you like top-quality, trends without the high-end price tags?

If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then today’s post is for you!

Now you may or may not know that I am not much of a makeup girl but my girls and I do like experimenting with looks and colors. We like watching YouTube tutorial and giving each other makeovers, dressing up, doing manis/pedis and putting on a fashion show for Jason…lol. But as you know, experimenting with everything you see on YouTube can get costly so I am beyond over joyed that we can have girls night on a budget.

Jesse’s girl is expanding their award-winning product line to now include GlowStix, holographic lip gloss!!! These show-stopping, liquid crystal technology glosses allow you wear your holo on your lips!!!! 

And if that wasn’t enough, Jesse’s Girl is also reintroducing their 12 new lipstick shades with various formulas and finishes in a newly designs case.


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The Queen’s Critique: Lina Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hey y’all! Everyone knows that the only way to celebrate the holiday season is with a fresh, unique, festive, creative mani, right?! Just me? Ok, well just go with it.

Because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, nail art stamping has become a way of life and nail art for me. There is a bountiful supply of brands and images to choose from but one brand that stands out for me is Line Nail Art Supplies.

Located in my ideal and dream vacation spot, New Orleans, LA, Lina ships worldwide and is offered via host of stockists. To date I have been able to acquire all the plates offered from this brand. Some I have purchases via the site, some through a destash and others through The Stamping Shop group buys on Facebook. Regardless of how I got them, I knew after my first use that I needed them all.

You have seen images probably without knowing in my Swatch & Review Series but starting in the new year, I plan to include the nail art info in my reviews. But nonetheless, I use these plates because they are reliable and unique. What I mean by reliable is that I know they pick up and transfer effortlessly. And the images, they are fun and take my mani to the next level. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I get from perfect strangers when I have a stamped mani.

So, the time has come to check out the 4 newest plates released just in time for the Winter/Holiday season. Enjoy…

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The Queen’s Critique: Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder


Hey there! I have a quick blog posting announcement before we get into todays product review. Starting Nov. 16th thru until Nov. 26th the blog will be on vacation mode. While I am on ‘vacation’, I’ll be moving and setting up shop at my new home and plan to be back to my regularly scheduled program on Nov. 27th. I plan to stay active on IG and check in every now and then. So if you’re not already following me on IG, be sure click the link below and follow.

 Now on to the review!

I was sent the Nail Polish Holder from Color Clutch to use and I want to share my thoughts and feedback.

First off, let me start my sharing what it is. Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder is a storage unit that can store 14 bottles of your favorite nail polish. Because of its sleek and clean design it take up just 2″ of space and looks great on a shelf or bookcase! The Nail Polish Holder accommodates almost every brand of polish and keeps polish in its upright position,  preserving the brush and polish life. The large window lets you see every bottle and…… there’s a space on the side where you can swatch each color for easy identification and the magnetic closure keeps bottles secure.

I know I’ve peaked your interest now, keep ready to find out more…

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