Challenge Nails: July

Earlier this month I bought you my solo pic for the 4th of July #tnttwinnails challenge in Those Nail Though FB group. Instead of doing a post for each challenge I do, which is a lot, I decided that the last post of the month will be dedicated to Challenge Nails. Today I have manis from all the challenges I did in July.

Challenge: #tnttwinnails
Theme: Summer
FB Group: Those Nails Though (TNT)

On the right, is the inspiration pic my twin and I decided on. A summer evening running in the fields chasing lightin’ bugs. On the left, my solo shot.

Challenge: purple, blue and pink gradient w/ white flowers
Theme: NA
FB Group: N/A. IG friend posted she wanted to do twin nails/mani swap

I saw a post on IG asking if anyone wanted to do twin nails and I DM’d her. She came up with the design and here is my solo shot.


 Challenge: color – blue / technique – fan brush gradient
FB Group: Those Nails Though (TNT)

Every 2 weeks we do a color and technique challenge in TNT. So I decided to combine them but instead of gradient I did an ombre. I knew this would go perfectly for the next challenge I was doing. FYI…I LOVE fan brush!!!


Challenge: Blue and Yellow
FB Group: When Colours Collide (WCC)

Like I said, I knew that by doing the TNT challenge, it was an easy base to complete the (WCC) challenge and I added some yellow stamping.


There you have it, my challenge fun from July. I like finding different groups that have a challenge component. I find that it helps me practice techniques I normally wouldn’t do, helps me step out of my comfort zone AND used polishes that go un-loved. OR I realize I don’t have the color and I need to buy it…lol. I hope you come back next month and see what I’m up to. What technique(s) challenge you? Do you belong to any groups that help challenge you?


Challenge Nail: 4th of July

(Whispering) Hey y’all, I wasn’t going to post anything due to the holiday and all but then I decided what better to post than my 4th of July #tnttwinnails mani!!! But I have to keep it short and sweet because any minute my kids and hubby will be looking for me.

In one of the FB groups that I co-admin, Those Nails Those!, I have dubbed myself the Challenge Empress as I ‘oversee’ the challenges which include color, technique and Twin Nails. Every two weeks the randomly paired twins design a mani based on themes/inspiration. This time we are doing 4th of July nails!!! So let’s get started….

Here’s what I used:


After, I removed my previous mani, I:

  • Applied my base coat and allowed to dry
  • Then, I added my base polishes to as shown followed by a thin layer of QDTC
  • After that, I put on Cat Suit for easy cleanup
  • Once that was dry, I began stamping based on the design my twin and I came up with
  • Next, I removed the latex barrier and did some minor cleaned up
  • Finally, I seal with another layer of top coat, oiled and that’s it!




So there you have it, my 4th of July Twin Nails. I hope you come over and join us at Those Nails Though (TNT), we’d love to have you!

I hope you and your family are able to spend some safe, quality time together this weekend and remember what this holiday is all about. As for me, I have to get back to my family now, it’s family movie time and we are watching Back to the Future I, II and III….fun! What are you doing to celebrate the 4th?





Challenge Nails: Brown & Pink

Hey, I’m out of town this weekend but couldn’t leave you with out a Monday post! So todays post is an old challenge mani courtesy of When Colors Collide on FB. This color challenge based group, allows members create a mani incorporating the colors given. Challenges run every two weeks and at the end, a collage is created and posted to IG. Its a lot of fun so make sure to head on over to join. I didn’t do pictures at each step, so I’m going to do my best to describe what I did.

What I used:

Assume step #6 from Manicure Must Haves is complete and this is step #7.

What I did:

  • I applied a single thin base coat of Yo Soy (the lightest of the browns) to my nails
  • Next I applied liquid latex around my cuticle and side wall
  • I added Yo Soy, Spencer and Louise, from lightest to darkest in a diagonal pattern to my dry cosmetic wedge
  • While the base coat was still a little tacky, I sponged on the polish to each finger one at a time.
  • I applied another layer of polish to the wedge right over the previous polish layer
  • I repeated steps 5 and 6 until I reached my desired opacity
  • Once I was happy with the diagonal ombre, I applied a coat of Seche Vite and allowed to dry.
  • During my dry time, I selected my stamping plate and polish.
  • Once the polish was dry, I stamped my design on to each finger, removed latex and cleaned up.
  • Finally, I applied my last coat of Seche Vite and allowed to dry.
  • Couldn’t forget to oil up and take pictures.

PicsArt 2.png

Again, my bad for not getting pictures each step of the way, hopefully you could follow long. what are some of your favorite color combos? I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and will join me for the next edition in Challenge Nails.