Moore Swatches: KBShimmer – Endless Summer Collection


Hey Sugas!!! We are literally on the 6th day of summer and already it’s insanely hot outside. But I won’t complain because firing up the grill, cold drinks and long nights is what I love best about summer. Today I’m excited to share The Endless Summer Collection from KBShimmer which celebrates the little things that can help us enjoy this unique summer.  These eight bold nail polish shades feature a jelly base accented by color-shifting flakes.  The flakes shift from a fiery orange, a warm gold and grass green, with some showing off hints of blues and reds. Micro holographic flakes shine bright, completing this summery collection.


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

A Love-Heat Relationship

A pale champagne, almost rose gold jelly base is accented by color shifting flakes that show off shades of orange, gold, green, and at extreme angles, aqua with micro holographic flakes

Anything Is Popsicle

A pink-leaning cherry jelly base is loaded with micro holographic flakes with rainbow color-shifting flakes

Are You Kitten Me?

An orange jelly punched up with loads of color-shifting flakes, showing off hues of copper, gold and green with tiny holographic flakes to add a loose linear sparkle

Living My Zest Life

A lemon-yellow jelly loaded with color-shifting flakes that shift from orange to gold to lime, with hints of Kelly green and aqua and micro holo flakes

Something To Taco ‘Bout 

A chartreuse leaning lime green jelly loaded with color-shifting flakes from orange to green with micro holographic flakes

Pretty Shore

An aqua blue jelly loaded with color-shifting flakes in shades of orange, gold and green and micro holo flakes

Zoom With A View

A purple/royal-blue/periwinkle deep-colored jelly with color-shifting flakes of copper, red to bright aqua to lime green with micro holographic flakes and loose linear holo flame.  

Hanging With My Grill Friends

A charcoal jelly packed full of color-shifting flakie goodness from orange to gold to green, and micro holo flakes

KBShimmer – Endless Summer Collection

Opacity: swatches shown in 2-3 thin coats

Price: $10 each

Availability: Friday, July 3rd


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