Moore Swatches: Blush Lacquers – Poolside Collection


Seriously, like OMG, I just can’t! Just got the word that our community pool WILL NOT be opening this summer. I am big time bummed but hopefully the 6-piece Poolside Collection from Blush Lacquers can help cure me.

This collection is a fun, mixed-finish summer treat inspired by personal fantasy of spending a hot summer day sitting poolside at an upscale resort. The colors are bright, warm and inviting with playful names. ‘Lifeguard Not On Duty’ is a fun twist on the classic red swimsuits worn by lifeguards and ‘Cabana Boy’ is the perfect shade of an impeccably pressed blue uniform any respectable Cabana Boy would wear. Featuring a tropical drink favorite, ‘Mai Tai’, this collection is sure to give you all the summer feels and look great with that new summer glow!


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