Moore Swatches: Red Eyed Lacquer – Women of the 80’s Collection

Hey Sugas!!!! I may be a little bias but I do believe the 80 were the best! Think about it, we had hit shows, music and the craziest fads… who remembers the Koosh Ball, jelly shoes and of course…shoulder pads?!???!!!?!??1 Let’s face, the 80 were the best time to a kids; and born in 1983, I was right in the thick of it. As a young child I thought Hammer pants were the best, slap bracelets were the coolest and playing outside until the street lights came on meant total freedom. The 80’s was a simpler time of life and the main concern of a pre-teen was learning the newest song and collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards.
Red-Eyed Lacquer has created a 7-piece bleachy neon collection highlighting Women of the 80’s.  All of these gorgeous polishes feature gold/green/orange/red/yellow color shifting flakies and are sure to light up the night!
As you check out each polish, can you guess the inspirational women from the 80’s? Leave you guesses in the comments and while you’re there, tell me your favorite memory from the 80’s
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