Moore Swatches: June 2020 Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)


Hey Sugas!!! Ready or not, I have some the June 2020 offerings from HHC. Please be advised that some are already sold out, so don’t wait, SHOP NOW!!!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy, QDTC and Matte Topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Bee’s Knees Lacquers – I Love My Grandkids

Theme: Rick & Morty

Description: A  jungle green base with a glowing blue to purple shimmer

Price: $12 / Cap: NONE

Blush Lacquers – Regulation Hottie

Theme: Mean Girls

Description: A dark gunmetal grey nail polish with a strong linear holographic effect and rose gold metallic micro flakes

Price: $13 / Cap: NONE

By Vanessa Molina – Dark Angel

Theme: Angel

Description: A multi purpose polish with a tinted black base and iridescent flakes. Can be used as a topper (one thin coat) or three for full coverage.

Price: $13 / Cap: 100 bottles

Chirality Nail Polish – Ladies, That Was Fun

Theme: The Tarantino Effect

Description: A fierce punch pink jelly polish accented with rose to copper sparkles with pink and black glitters and hot pink stars

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

Colors by Llarowe (CbL) – Chariot to Oz

Theme: Wizard of Oz

Description: A blue to purple to red to magenta multi chrome with scattered prismatic holo

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

DRK Nails -Lay All Your Flake on Me

Theme: Mamma Mia

Description: A blue jelly base mixed with iridescent blue/purple and pastel turquoise/blue pink flakes

Price: $13 / Cap: 150 bottles

Esmaltes Da Kelly (EdK) – Ocean Indigo Kit

Theme: Rainbow

“Ocean Indigo” kit includes two polishes, Ocean Indigo and Smooth Blue.

Ocean Indigo

Description: A polish with holographic pigments with holographic glitter of navy in various sizes.

Smooth Blue

Description: A polish that serves to create a layer on the glitter to decrease the texture preventing the glitter from absorbing the top coat. 

Price: $17.50 / Cap: 100 kits

Ethereal Lacquer – Moirae

Theme: Greek Mythology

Description: A gossamer pale greyed periwinkle base with red to gold shifting shimmer and holo flakies

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Unicorn Bites

Theme: Candy

Description: A soft, grey-toned purple crelly filled with matte glitters in pale blue, yellow, green and neon pink

Price: $13.50 / Cap: NONE

Great Lakes Lacquer – The Avatar State


Description: A deep blurple filled with a striking red to gold to aqua shifting shimmer, finished with a strong scattered holographic.

Price: $13 / Cap: 200 bottles

Kathleen & Co – Seashore Seashell

Theme: Nature

Description: A pale lavender to pink to gold shifting shimmer with holo microflakes

Price: $12.50 / Cap: 125 bottles

Lollipop Posse Lacquer – Defy Nature

Theme: Adventure Time

Description: A sheer orange crelly filled with red/orange/gold/green shifting Aurora shimmer and iridescent flakes

Price: $13 / Cap: NONE

LynB Designs – Smelly Cat (T)

Theme: Friends

Description: A  peach to white thermal with copper to green shifting aurora shimmer and pink to orange to yellow to green UCC shifting flakies and holo micro flakies

Price: $12 / Cap: 90 bottles

Nail Hoot Indie Lacquer – It’s Only Forever… Not Long at All

Theme: David Bowie’s song ‘Underground’

Description: A charming shade of orchid with coppery shimmer and scattered holographic pigment

Price: $10.99 / Cap: NONE

Nailed It! – Turtle-y Awesome

Theme: London

Description: A turquoise base with golden shimmer, gold to green crystal flakies, and a subtle holo

Price: $12.75 / Cap: 120 bottles

Night Owl Lacquer – Are You Sober?… No, Aquarius

Theme: That 70’s Show

Description: A blackened brown based multichrome that shifts green/blue/violet/burgundy with a dusting of holo flecks

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE

Penelope Luz – Kamelot

Theme: American metal band Kamelot

Description: A crelly lilac base with iridescent pink and orange flakies, multichrome flakies and a little holographic pigment.

Price: $13 / Cap: 200 bottles

POP Polish – Belle

Theme: Heroines

Description: A yellow base with random cut gold and silver holographic flakes and iridescent flakes that shift from gold to bronze

Price: $14.50 / Cap: NONE

Rogue Lacquer – Wimbledon

Theme: London

Description: A grassy/bright green with purple to green color shifting flakes, scattered holo

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE

Under A Hula Moon – He’s Her Lobster

Wax Melts

Theme: Friends

Description: Represented by notes of delicate Toulouse violets blended with sweet yet tart currants, and the warm aroma of buttery, flaky golden-brown pie crust from the pâtisserie.

Price: $4.50 / Cap: NONE

June 2020 Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

Sunday, June 14th at 12:01am HST to Sunday, June 

21st 11:59pm HST

Hella Handmade Creations

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