Moore Swatches: Tonic Nail Polish – Spring 2020 Collection


Hey Sugas!!!! This post includes A LOT of info about the upcoming Spring 2020 Release from Tonic Polish! So buckle in and let’s get started…

First up…. ALL new nail polish items are expected to remain in stock at least through the end of the summer or possibly into fall of 2020! However, things change subject to ingredient availability! Please join the Facebook Fan Group to stay up to date!!!

It’s all about that base! “I’M SO FANCY” Base Coats are a brand new Tonic Original Concept! Joining the rest of the Tonic Core lineup! Love the color in the bottle?! Don’t have time for a full manicure but don’t like having “naked” nails? Each Tonic “I’m So Fancy” (ISF) base coat is a sweet, sheer color that could be worn in one quick & easy coat that dries quickly and doesn’t require top coat so your nails can be ready to go in just a few minutes or can be built up in several coats to wear as you would a regular polish.

If you love the look you get with some polish colors when swatched on a white swatch stick but disappointed when you can’t recreate the same color look on your natural human-colored nails, ISF base coats can create a blank canvas on your nails and can diminish the intensity of VNL (Visible Nail Line) for semi-sheer nail polish colors! Or try using ISF base coats under glitter and shimmer toppers to create a new look!

Put on your sunglasses cause we’ve got the BRIGHTS!!! The “NEON BRIGHT” lineup is a fun new collection joining the Tonic Core Colors!

And finally the Spring 2020 Release!! These colors were developed and named in hopes of being a fun and hopeful reprieve from the anxiety, sorrow, and fear we may feel during difficult times.


**All swatches are done using liquid latex base coat, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

New “I’m So Fancy” Base Coat Line!! $8 each

Swatch shown in 3 thin coats


Sheer pink shimmer base coat! Use one coat as a base for your manicure, one coat for a quick hint of color, or build a few layers for a delicate, translucent manicure look! 


Sheer blue shimmer base coat! Use one coat as a base for your manicure, one coat for a quick hint of color, or build a few layers for a delicate, translucent manicure look!

New Core Color Collection: Neon Brights!! $9 each

Swatches shown in 2 thin coats


A bright cerulean teal


A neon yellow-green


A neon red-orange



A clear base topper packed with solid matte star shaped glitters in coral, yellow, aqua, periwinkle, and white. Swatches shown over new Neon Brights! $8


A deep blurple jelly with bright pink to green shifting shimmer flecks! $13

***DISCLAIMER*** I have heard rumors that the dye used to make this color may fade over time. I have not personally experienced this, but it may still be a possibility that this color could lighten after you receive it. I personally love the color so much I decided to release it anyway to be enjoyed in its original form for as long as possible but look forward to the potential surprise of eventually having the color evolve into something new and unexpected! To help lower the risk of fading store your polish in a cool dark place.


A red-saddle brown with a strong blue shimmer flash that includes a light scattering of matching iridescent flakes! $13


A palest minty blue with green shimmer flash that shifts to a soft pink! $12


A periwinkle blue base with super strong coral-orange-yellow-green shifting shimmer! An absolute rainbow of color! $13


A dark denim blue with super strong coral-orange-yellow-green shifting shimmer. $13


A soft-ish blurple jelly base with tons of super shifty peach-yellow-green shimmer flecks! $13


A soft pink-peach-yellow shifting shimmer with a hint of lavender-grey base and a VERY LIGHT sprinkle of holo star glitters! $13

Tonic Nail Polish – Spring 2020 Collection

The Queen’s Choice: ummmmm… the jury is still out; they are all so amazing! 

Price: as stated above

Availability: Friday, May 1, 2020 at 2pm Central

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