Moore Swatches: Alchemy Lacquer – Birds of a Feather Collection


Hey Sugas!!! You know what they say, ‘birds of a feather flock together,’ and this colorful flock are definitely eye-catching. Today I have the 8 piece Birds of a Feather Collection from Alchemy Lacquer.

But first, let’s learn a little about the brand and the maker….

Alchemy Lacquer, created by Rebecca in PA, started during a weekend visit with her mom. The 2 sat at the dining room table, with bottles of glitter, mineral makeup, little bottles, clear nail polish and began making wonderful creations. She and her mom both have a great love of nail polish and all things sparkly and since they are both extremely creative, it was a fun experience for them both. Rebecca wondered if she too could make her own nail polish and so the process began, lots of research and mixing creations on that same dining room table. And from the simple phrase, “look at my little alchemists at work,” (spoken by her husband) Alchemy Lacquer was born!

This is a first-time appearance for Rebecca, so let’s give her a warm Queendom welcome.


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