Moore Swatches: Blush Lacquers – The Coquette’s Adventure


Hey Sugas!!! BLUSH Lacquers is excited to announce the release of their Spring Collection, The Coquette’s Adventure. 

The inspiration: This debut metallic collection is inspired by the artwork of Vittorio Reggianini, a 19th century Italian genre painter who specialized in scenes of bourgeois life in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. His paintings are sophisticated and showcase a highly romanticized ideal of life and culture during a time a war, often including scenes of elegantly dressed women sitting in parlors playing piano, writing letters to their lovers or listening to poetry readings. There is a strong emphasis in his paintings on the silk and satin dresses worn by the women and of the wall and floor coverings draping the rooms. They have a shiny and almost metallic textural quality to them that add a richness and depth to his work. The palette is light and flirty with an air of feminine sensibility and perfect for spring. 

About the Collection: The Coquette’s Adventure collection features the new sparkling metallic formula that utilizes extra fine silver flake particles for a brilliant metallic effect.  When paired with Matterial Girl Matte Top Coat, the finished look is a fantastic “brushed metal” that  is super chic!

Benefits of Pre-Ordering????

  • Special discounted pricing + a free bottle of matte top coat on full set orders of the The Coquette’s Adventure
  • Orders will ship out before any of the regular release orders

Pre-order with special pricing: Thursday, March 26th at 7pm EST to Sunday, March 29th at 11:59pm EST

Official Release Date with regular pricing: Monday, March 30th


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy QDTC and Matterial Girl matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.


A metallic pale lime green.


A metallic mauve with hints of pink.


A metallic rose gold with hints of peach.

The Suitor

A metallic icy blue.

Blush Lacquers – The Coquette’s Adventure

Opacity: swatches shown with 2 thin coats

Availability & Pricing: 

Pre-order with special pricing: March 26th – March. 29th

  • $10 (SAVE $1)
  • Full Set: $40 (SAVE $4) + a FREE bottle of our Matterial Girl Matte Top Coat ($7.35 Retail Value). A total savings of over $11 on the full set!

Official Release Date with regular pricing: Monday, March 30th

  • Individual: $11
  • Full Set: $44 (does NOT include top coat)
  • Matterial Girl: $7.35

Blush Lacquers

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