Moore Swatches: Red Eyed Lacquer – Pregnancy Cravings Quad

Hey Sugas!!! My son, my oldest child, will be 18 this year and I still remember my pregnancy like it was yesterday #InsertTearsHere. From the all-day sickness to the swollen EVERYTHING to the pregnancy cravings that were no joke, I remember it ALL! With him is was Taco Bell. I know what you’re thinking, eww, but that was we (he and I) wanted and that’s what we got! We would frequent our local Taco Bell at least twice a week to the point were we got to know the staff and they knew us. We’d get the pack of soft tacos that came 10, maybe 12 to a box and without shame, we’d eat all 12 tacos, half for him and half for me…lol.  Ahhh… pregnancy, the sleepless nights, the crying and the never ending piles of laundry are all with it for the priceless experience of motherhood.
Today I have the upcoming Pregnancy Craving Quad from Red-Eyed Lacquer! Bianca’s cravings are…. let’s just say  ‘interesting’! The quad releases Thursday, March 26th at 11am eastern, so in the meantime, share your crazy or interesting craving that you’ve had or heard of in the comments.  
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