Moore Swatches: P.O.P Polish – Christmas Collections


Hey Sugas!!! P.O.P. Polish is blowin’ up the holiday scene with 32 new polishes perfectly arranged within 4 collections!

From the Naughty & Nice Collection which includes 7 pretties all with iridescent pigment, ghost flakes and holographic flakes to the 4 piece Spirit Of The Holidays Collection, the holidays are looking a lot more festive!  

And on the off chance that those don’t tickle your fancy, there’s the 12 Days of Christmas Collection featuring 6 magnetics and 6 non-magnetics all with shifting flakes and holo AND to top things off, there’s 9 glitter bombs with glitter shards and holo flakes in the Deck the Halls Collection.

Please note, days 7-12 are magnetics however, I did NOT magnetize my swatches… please forgive me 😦

Wait… I lied! I have 1 last announcement!!! Can you say 20% off?!??!! Christmas Collections will release on December 6th and there will be a holiday madness sale with the release of 20% off the full weekend!!! 


 **All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base Coat, Liquid Glass (glossy, QDTC) by POP Polish and Matte Topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using indirect artificial lights.**

Naughty & Nice Collection

$12 each or all 7 for $75


A hot pink/red with pink to peach shifting iridescent pigment, ghost flakes in peach and shift gold and aqua and a smattering holographic flakes

No Peeking

A pinkish melon color with a gold to green shifting iridescent pigment, ghost flakes that shift gold, blue, and purple and finally holo flakes

Holiday Slay

A Christmas green with gold to aqua iridescent pigment with turquoise/aqua flakes and purple holo flakes


A blue with blue to purple iridescent pigment, and purple ghost flakes that shift green, purple, & pink

Sugar Coated

A purple with a green to purple iridescent ghost flakes in peach that shift turquoise and purple


A purple/fuchsia with a purple to red shifting iridescent ghost flakes pink shifting bronze and gold

Midnight Snack

A sexy dark grey with a purple to green shifting iridescent pigment and ghost flakes in aqua, that shift purple, and green

Spirit Of The Holidays Collection

$20 each or all 4 for $75


A pink leaning white iridescent with peach ghost flakes in gold, they shift green and aqua.


A peach leaning white iridescent with heavy greys and ghost flakes in pink that shift green and blue


A green leaning with a strong gold sparkle, ghost flakes are pink shifting aqua, purple, and green.


A blue leaning with ghost flakes in purple, that shift green, and gold.

12 Days of Christmas Collection

$16 each, all 12 for $165 or magnetic set /non magnetic set for $87

A Partridge In A Pear Tree

A foliage like green, the shifts into gold, blue, and purple.

2 Turtle Doves

A mix of purple and aqua flakes they shift peach, pink, green, and bronze.

3 French Hens

A hot pink and bronze mix they shift purple, gold, and green.

4 Calling Birds

A mix of blue, purple, and aqua flakes that shift pink, purple, blue, and bronze, peach, light red.

5 Golden Rings

Flakes are in gold, purple, and shift pink and green finally blueish.

6 Geese A Laying

A purple shifting, gold, and green.

7 Swans A Swimming

A light black with an aqua, purple, to gold shifting magnetic pigment

8 Maids A Milking

A red holo with a redish copper to gold and green shifting magnetic pigment

9 Ladies Dancing

A berry mix of purple bronze and pink flakes that shift gold bronze and finally green. Magnetic flakes on aqua, shifting purple and pink

10 Lords a Leaping

A purple and turquoise flakes that shift pink and bronze and then green and gold. Magnetic flakes shift copper, gold, and green.

11 Pipers Piping

A green holo base magnetic flakes are pink and shift gold and green

12 Drummers Drumming

A grey holo base with turquoise magnetic flakes that shift purple, and pink.

Deck the Halls Collection

$12 each or all 9 for $95

These are glitter bombs with glitter shards and holo flakes.

Final Touches

Put A Bow On It

Who’s Getting Coal?

Stocking Stuffers

Tree Topper

Holiday Trimming

Wrapping Presents


Stringing the Lights

P.O.P Polish – Christmas Collections

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 thin coats

Price: as stated above

Availability: Friday, December 6th

P.O.P Polish

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