Moore Swatches: Sassy Sauce Polish – November 2019 Release


Sugas…. I thought we were friends. I thought we looked out for one another. Instead y’all got me out here in these street, running around and not even posting. *face palm*

It’s all good!!!

Because I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, I owe you 2 today. Let’s kick off the party with the November Release from Sassy Sauce Polish. This month, Carries is launching 4 new colors that we all should be thankful for. 


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Moore Swatches: Ethereal Lacquer – Light Magic Collection


Hey Sugas!! This past weekend I had 5 young ladies, between the ages of 6 to 15, including my 2, at my house. They watched movies, played games, ate junk food and of course…. polished each others nails.

One of the 3 girls (6 years old) said, ” I’ve never heard of these people [brands] before. They’re not at the store!”

To which my 8 year old says, “that’s because these are better than the store. (Picks up New Moon) have you ever seen holo before? It’s a rainbow in a bottle.” 

*insert tear* At that moment I was a proud momma! I’ve raised them right.

All the girls picked different Ethereal Lacquers to complete their manicures. It was the best day/sight ever. 

So the moral of the story is… buy the Light Magic Collection… it’s kids approved! Please note that the Light Magic will be sent to customers in the new round shaped bottles!


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Moore Swatches: November 2019 Hella Handmade Creations (HHC)

Hey Sugas!!!  Did you miss me?!???!??!! I did some shuffling around last week and gave myself an unintended vacation from the Queendom. But don’t worry, while it was much appreciated, it was short-lived. Behind the scenes I was busy swatching my butt off to share some upcoming collections and releases. I’ll start off with my November HHC Roundup!
Today I have 22 brands represented that will be available Thursday, November 14th thru Thursday, November 21st
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Moore Swatches: Tonic Nail Polish – Fall 2019 Release


Hey Sugas!!! Happy Friday and and can we give a big ‘ole Queendom welcome to November! Honey, we made it and I’m here for it! To help us celebrate the month of thanks and great food, let us give thanks for all things TONIC!!! Lindsey and her team work tirelessly creating masterpieces and recently opened up a storefront location in Iowa! How exciting?!??!?!! And truth be told, it’s on my bucket list to visit!

Joining the already extensive lineup of Tonics, I’m eager to share the new Fall 2019 Collection along with a few official releases aka the remaining PCNOLA Mattes, individual releases… yes I am referring to the October 2018 Polish Palette and a blast from the past… did someone say Alchemy?!?

The Fall 2019 Collection was developed mostly with a theme – colors that look amazing on their own (plus shiny top coat!) but look equally if not more incredible when topped with Liquid Velvet, the matte top coat! To celebrate this idea, Tonic developed a matte flakey topper, Down in Flames, that looks phenomenal when worn over every color in the collection! AND… Tonic is releasing a refill size of Liquid Velvet at the same time!!


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