Moore Swatches: Ethereal Lacquer – Light Magic Collection


Hey Sugas!! This past weekend I had 5 young ladies, between the ages of 6 to 15, including my 2, at my house. They watched movies, played games, ate junk food and of course…. polished each others nails.

One of the 3 girls (6 years old) said, ” I’ve never heard of these people [brands] before. They’re not at the store!”

To which my 8 year old says, “that’s because these are better than the store. (Picks up New Moon) have you ever seen holo before? It’s a rainbow in a bottle.” 

*insert tear* At that moment I was a proud momma! I’ve raised them right.

All the girls picked different Ethereal Lacquers to complete their manicures. It was the best day/sight ever. 

So the moral of the story is… buy the Light Magic Collection… it’s kids approved! Please note that the Light Magic will be sent to customers in the new round shaped bottles!


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