Moore Swatches: November 2019 Polish Pickup (PPU) and Indie Pickup (IPU) – Fairy Tales


Hey Sugas!!! Why is a vacation never a vacation??? No, it’s not a riddle, it’s a real question¬†that I pose to you all. Last week, Jason and I used up some vacation time we had from work for a stay-cation. It was great to sleep in… NOT, but this week, I am dragging. You would’ve thought that I worked 80 hours last week. I guess I must live in a fairy tale where one would actually get to relax and enjoy time off. HA!

Speaking of fairy tales, boy oh boy do I have a treat for you all!!! I return today to the Queendom with over 20 products including polish, wax, cuticle oil and more available during the upcoming November PPU/IPU. And the theme…. you guessed it, Fairy Tales!¬†

Full Disclosure: I didn’t realize that Alter Ego – Make a Banshee Blush was a glow-in-the-dark (GITD) until I read the description provided by Cynthia upon writing up the post. I will redo swatches and and update ASAP.


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