Moore Swatches: October Makers Dozen – Horror Films


Hey Sugas!!! Don’t be frightened, today I have 3 of the 13 polishes that will be available the October Makers Dozen. For October, makers to on the horrifying task of horror film themed themed polishes. 

Don’t forget, there are only 40 of each polish available on each makers’ individual site beginning Tuesday, October 1st. 


**All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Alter Ego – Worst Prom Ever

Maker: Cynthia

Description: A red base with pastel pink metallic micro glitter

Price: $10

Baby Girl Lacquer – Here’s Johnny

Maker: Anetress

Description: A snow white base with tamgo-red, indigo, gunmetal and red/bronze/copper UCC flakies.

Price: NA

LynB Designs – Photo-Sympathize (T)

Maker: Jennalyn

Description: A forest green to green thermal with holo flakies and pink to orange to gold shifting flakies

Price: $10

October Makers Dozen – Horror Films

Cap: 40 bottles

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 coats

Price: as stated above

Availability: Tuesday, October 1st @ 12pm ct 

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