Moore Swatches: Baroness X & Ethereal Lacquer – Sunwashed Grave Duo


Hey Sugas!!! I’m running off coffee and fumes this morning and slowly making my way through the day. I definitely have a new found appreciation and respect for working women who go back to school. This being a wife, mother, woman, student thing is not for the lighthearted, it takes a level of sacrifice , patience and dedication that I didn’t know I had…lol! But this is my dream so I’m going to see it through til the end because that which does not kill me, makes me stronger!

On to the polish…

Baroness X and Ethereal Lacquer combined their powerful forces to create the Sunwashed Grave Duo. Ethereal Lacquer found inspiration a sun washed graveyard photos while Baroness X drew from the spirits of a graveyard at twilight picture. Both stunning and definitely needed!


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Moore Swatches: Sparkle and Shine – Haunted Forest


Hey Sugas!!! I’m back today with the next installment of the bi-monthly Sparkle & Shine collab featuring Nailed It! Nail Polish and Wildflower Lacquer! The featured guest maker this month is none other than Ethereal Lacquer and the theme?

…. wait for it

…. Haunted Forest. 


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