Moore Swatches: September 2019 Polish Pickup (PPU) and Indie Pickup (IPU) – Magic & Alchemy


Hey Sugas!!! I wasn’t sure how September Polish/Indie Pickup would top itself after last months wild ride – get it…??? Wild ride… carnival ride?!?!?!? Oh never mind.

In order to top last month, makers would need to be magicians. Lucky for us, they all have a spell or 2 up their sleeve to create such wondrous creations inspired by Magic & Alchemy. This topic is not something is my wheelhouse so I’ll just hush up now and let y’all take a look.  


**All swatches are done using liquid latex Peel-off Base, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Alter Ego – Magical Amber (T)

Maker: Cynthia

Description: A burnt orange to yellow thermal

Price: $9 / Cap: NONE

Magical Amber Bath Blast

Description: A large bath bomb

Price: $9 / Cap: 75 bombs 

Bee’s Knees Lacquer – The Small Science

Maker: Sarah

Description: A deep purple polish loaded with red to green shifting shimmer and gold to green ghost flakes

Price: $14 / Cap: NONE 

Bluebird Lacquer – Thinking of You

Maker: Lou

Description: An extreme holo with a coppery-rose-gold-orange shift and a scattering of complimentary flakies

Price: $11.50 / Cap: 200 bottles 

Blush – Under Pressure

Maker: Victoria

Description: A burnt sienna base loaded with gold flake, rose gold micro flakes and a touch of holo flake

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE 

Different Dimensions – First Rule of Magic (T)

Maker: Missi

Description: A black to clear thermal with added violet to blue aurora shimmer and violet/blue/turquoise/gold/pink color shifting iridescent flakies and a touch of holo micro flakies

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

Always Be the Smartest Guy in the Room Cuticle Oil

Description: A custom blend of fragranced cuticle oil with notes of pumpkin pie, sweet marshmallow, cinnamon and vanilla bean 

Price: $5 / Cap: NONE

Ethereal Lacquer – Aura

Maker: Meagan

Description: A pale lilac tinted base full of dense red to copper to green color shifting shimmer and a rainbow of iridescent flakies. Swatch shown over Tahiti

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE

Fair Maiden – Mindfreak

Maker: Adrienne and Sarah

Description: A deeply pigmented orange jelly polish packed with red to gold shifting flake and holo sparkle throughout

Price: $11 / Cap: NONE

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Initiates of the Flame (M)

Maker: Sophie

Description: A black base filled with pink-red duochrome shimmer, and two types of chameleon chrome flakes in red-gold-green and pink-copper-gold. In addition there’s a blue-pink magnetic multichrome and a scattering of golden microglitters

Price: $14 / Cap: NONE 

Glisten & Glow – Wickedly Salem

Maker: Jill

Description: A dove crelly with added purple/pink UCC flakies, blue/teal UCC flakies, green shimmer and a dash of holo flakies

Price: $11 / Cap: 180 bottles

Witch’s Brew Cuticle Remover Pen

Description: A cuticle remover scented of feshly picked apples

Price: $5.50 / Cap: NONE 

Illyrian Polish – Moon Alchemy

Maker: Vanessa

Description: A sparkle holo glitter with holo mirco flakies, a strong violet shimmer, orange/green iridescent glitters and aqua/purple iridescent in a sheer gray base

Price: $12 / Cap: NONE

Jior Couture – Lwa Erulie

Maker: Sacha & Ari

Description: A rich red toned pink with a mystical golden bronze shift. packed with 3 different aurora pigments and 3 different ucc flakes

Price: $12.50 / Cap: NONE 

Kathleen & Co. – I Believe It’s Magic

Maker: Mary Mia

Description: A lightly tinted holo with color shifting iridescent flakies and holo microflakies.

Price: $12.50 / Cap: 125 bottles 

KBShimmer – Something Wicca This Way Comes (M)

Maker: Christy

Description: A deep duochrome that shifts from shades of blue to hues of purple. When a magnet is used, the effect pops through shades of peach, pink, lime and gold. Finally, sparks of holo micro glitter and colorful flakes flow through this polish like magic floating through the air.

Price: $10 / Cap: NONE 

Lime Margarita Sugar Scrub

Description: A sugar scrub with notes of salty lime blended with subtle hints of raspberry, apple, strawberry, and peach. Finished with wisps of jasmine and vanilla

Price: $10 / Cap: NONE 

Lemming Lacquer – Amortentia

Maker: Casey

Description: A red to green color-shifting shimmer, scattered holo microflakes, a blend of iridescent flakes shifting the entire rainbow particularly gold/orange/red and purple/blue/pink in a bright fuchsia jelly base

Price: $13 / Cap: 250 bottles

Amortentia Hand & Body Lotion

Description: A fresh blend of citrus, peaches, and rose with a sweet musky base

Price: $7 / Cap: 50 bottles 

LynB Designs – Witch’s Familar (T)

Maker: Jennalyn

Description: A deep indigo to grey blue thermal with copper to red shimmer, linear holo, and red to purple to pink shifting flakies

Price: $12 / Cap: 225 bottles

What Wizardy Wax Mets

Description: An earthy patchouli is blended with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine to create a bewitching and spell binding melt

Price: $4.50 / Cap: NONE

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Begin Thy Magic Spell

Maker: Virginia

Description: An olive jelly base with aurora pigment, silver holographic micro glitters and flakies, and a mix of 6 different crystal chameleon and UCC flakies

Price: $11.50 / Cap: 150 bottles 

Temptation Scented Matte Topcoat

Description: A blend of tart, juicy, delicious aroma of crisp sugared apples with a hint of sour green apple candy! Now add a dash of spicy cinnamon, cloves and vanilla; a sprinkling of fine confectioner’s sugar and a hint of sweet musk, marshmallows and chocolate

Price: $7 / Cap: 150 bottles 

Rogue Lacquer – Pixie Dust

Maker: Rachel

Description: A light and creamy base packed with magical indigo color shifting shimmers and gold to green color shifting flakes

Price: $12.50 / Cap: 300 bottles 

Sassy Sauce Polish – Elixir of Exile

Maker: Carrie

Description: A super shifty multichrome that shifts from blue to pink to violet loaded with crystal and duochrome flakies and metallic shimmer

Price: $12.75 / Cap: 300 bottles 

Wildflower Lacquer – Poor Unfortunately Souls

Maker: Taylor

Description: A light purple base with blue to purple to pink to green aurora shifting shimmer, gold to green to copper crystal flakies, and green to aqua crystal flakies, and scattered holo flakies

Price: $13 / Cap: 110 bottles 

Available: Friday, September 6th @ 11am et – Monday, September 9th @ 11:59pm et!!!!

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