Moore Swatches: Great Lakes Lacquer – Summers End Collection, Indie Expo Canada Exclusives/LEs, Oracles of Lake Ontario Trio and Duo with Rogue Lacquer


Hey Sugas!!! Mariah of Great Lakes Lacquer has come out with both barrel blazin’ for the 2019 Indie Expo Canada (IEC) in Toronto.

There are a few special notes to heed:

  • All colors will debut at IEC and then online Wednesday, August 21st.
  • The Oracles of Lake Ontario, Indie Expo Canada LE/Exclusive and Duo with Rogue Lacquer will only be available until Wednesday, September 4th and will not be restocked after that. 
  • The exclusive (Save Me Some Grace) will only be available online IF there is leftover from the show.
  • Duo w/ Rogue Lacquer will only be available as a set

The Summer’s End Collection is a set of neons somewhat faded by the coupious amounts of different auroras, adding a glow to an already bright base. Names are an ode to all the little people in my life (and some grown ones too) and the things we enjoy about summer.

The Oracles of Lake Ontario is a continuation of The Mermaids of Lake Michigan while the event exclusive was inspired by Mariah’s last trip to Toronto which included a visit to an amazing brunch spot in Toronto, (Saving Grace). Mariah plans to go back because ‘the food is that good.’

And the love of aquariums inspired 1 of the 2 LEs! Mariah went to Ripley’s last time and may stop again if she finds the time. And finally, Toronto Shenanigans because #AlwaysShenanigans. #Always. 


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