Moore Swatches: LynB Designs – Mani Masterpieces Pt 2 Collection and July 2019 POTM


Hey Sugas!!! Today is the 1st of July and we officially have 6 more months of 2019. We have have 6 months to start or finish New Years resolutions or create new goals. I, for one, am embarking on a better and healthier me. I’m telling you all this so yo can hold me accountable. 

First on my list is a healthier me. I’ll be the first person to admit that I do not like to exercise but, I am taking small steps to to achieve a large reward. In addition, I will be overhauling my currently non-existent diet to one of obtainable goals, this will be challenging BUT I know it’s possible. For me, a healthier me is a marathon lifestyle change not a 100 meter dash to the finish line.

Secondly, I have decided to enroll in the nail tech program at a local community college in the fall. This has been on my bucket list for years and seeing as though I am not getting any younger, I think it’s high time I get ‘er done! This process should take a few months and in the end I will be a licensed nail tech. With all the nail polish I have acquired over the years, it’s only fair that I share it with the people of my fair city. 

I’ll be sure to check in with my progress over the next few months and wish me luck! And now on to the polish….

Today, I have the highly anticipated, Mani Masterpice Part 2 Collection from LynB Designs releasing with along side of the July 2019 POTM, Cancer. Mani Masterpiece Part 1 was released earlier this year AND is still available in the shop, so while you’re there, be sure to pick them up too!


**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, Matte Top Coat and glossy, QTDC. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

July 2019 POTM


A pastel green base with UCC flakies that shift from copper to green and pink to purple to blue shifting shimmer


Mani Masterpieces Part 2

No Time Toulouse

A delicate peachy base with copper shimmer, larger aqua shimmer, and scattered Spectraflair sparkle

Renoir or Not, Here I Come

A white base with magic holo flakies, UCC flakies that shift from green to copper, and shifting shimmer that shifts from red to gold to copper

Pawblo Picasso

A cerulean blue jelly base with a rainbow of tint iridescent flakies and scattered holo micro glitters

Just Another Night at the Barre

A creamy cool green base with micro holo shimmer, copper shimmer, and UCC flakies that shift from red to gold to copper to orange


A pale creamy base with green to silver to white multichrome shimmer, magic holo flakies, and purple to green to pink shifting flakies

Here Today, Gone to Maui

A light blue base with pink to gold to orange multichrome shimmer, scattered holo shimmer, and micro shifting iridescent glitter

LynB Designs – Mani Masterpieces Pt 2 Collection and July 2019 POTM

Opacity: 3 thin coats

Price: $10 each -10 each or 60 with free US shipping for the whole collection

Discounts: 1/2 off with the code ARTSY through the 16th

Availability: Friday, July 12th at noon EST

LynB Designs

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