Moore Swatches: Pahlish – Ice & Fire Collection



Hey Sugas!!! A week ago to the day, my children had thier last day of school and I am proud to announce that a week later that they are still alive! Coffee has indeed my best friend….LOL!

So far the summer has been pretty quite and uneventful if I do say so myself. But we have a lot of great plans coming up including a few day trips to the beach, museum trips and celebrating our summer babies birthdays. I’ll take the peace and quite while I can. Did i mention that my youngest has decided to hang up her leotard for pom poms. Yep, I am officially a cheer mom. Jason is not to thrilled about the short skirt but he’s a very supportive dad and happy to about her new endeavor. He’s also very excited about being back on the field watching football, even if it is ages 7-9. Football is football in his world, he’ll take it anyway he can get it. Xavier is still focused on the books, basketball and band. While he has the next few weeks off from band he is focused on getting his driver’s permit. – watch world! As for my middle, Xylana, she is embarking on her own little business of baby-sitting over the summer; my little entrepreneur! 

On to the polish…

Feast your eyes on the 7 piece selection of shades from Pahlish inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire! 


*All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy, QDTC and matte topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Little Bird

A soft neon violet with a copper glow


A pale sandy nude with a mix of orange/gold and green/gold shifting flakes and shimmer


A faded navy with holographic flakes


A soft grey cream with crushed gold flake


An intense scarlet holographic with metallic red shimmer

Winds of Winter

A soft icy blue with dense violet shimmer

Dreams & Dust

A deep mauve with copper/green multichrome shift and holographic dust

Pahlish – Ice & Fire Collection

The Queen’s Choice: Dreams & Dust and Dracarys

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 coats

Price: $72, individual shades $11 each

Availability: Preorder – Sunday, June 30th @ 7 pm central thru 11:59 pm on Tuesday, July 2nd. Regular restocks will resume after preorders are shipped 


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