Moore Swatches: Illyrian Polish – Realm Part 2 Collection


 Hey Sugas!!! I’m gonna make this post short and sweet because I just received an emergency weather alert on my phone about a tornado warning in my area until 3pm est. 

Today I have the Realm Collection Part 2 from Illyrian!!! I’m excited to share swatches just in time for the next restock scheduled for Friday, June 7th. Get those wishlists ready!



A lilac tinted base packed with a strong teal green to blue shimmer.


A deep red tinted base with a strong blue/indigo/orange multichrome shift and teal/blue/purple iridescent flakes.

The Void

A purple tinted base with a green/teal/indigo multichrome shift.


An indigo/purple/gold multichrome shift with pink/purple shifty shimmer and purple shimmer.


A copper red/gold/green multichrome shift with red/gold/green intense shimmer and red/gold/green iridescent flakes. 


A blue tinted base with blue/pink/purple/gold multichrome shift, blue/indigo aurora shimmer and blurple shimmer.

Illyrian Polish – Realm Part 2 Collection

Opacity: swatches shown 3 thin coats

Price: $13/ea, $12 for Vanaheim and The Void

Availability: Friday, June 7th at 6pm cst

Illyrian Polish

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