Moore Swatches: POP Polish – Festival Collection


Hey Sugas!!! I hope you all are having a flake-tastic kinda day! If not, you’re in for a treat that is sure to change your mood. If you already are, then what I have in store today will just elevate¬†your flakie feels.

I am eager to share the 6 piece Festival Collection from POP Polish releasing Friday, May 24th! Each polish is named for a different cultural festival including the New Year celebrated on April 13th in much of southeast Asia, the festival or colors/love, the 3-day festival held in Lalibela beginning January 19th, the annual festival held before Lent with 2 million people per day in the streets, Spain’s extravagant affair featuring parade-like processions and of course, Fat Tuesday. Think you know all the festivals?

Well, let’s take a look…


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