Moore Swatches: May Polish Pickup (PPU) – 1980s


Hey Sugas!!! It’s late, about 9:45pm est, but I couldn’t go to bed without bringing you a few of the May 2019 Polish Pickup (PPU) offerings.

I’m excited about May for 2 reasons, #1 it’s my birthday month and #2…. the PPU theme is the 1980s!!! From the hairstyles to music, from the tv classics to the toys, the 80s will always heart a special place in my heart. It was decade of the first cell phone, cabbage patch dolls, MTV and the game boy…. oh the memories!!!! But instead for a trip down memory lane, how about we check out what these makers created!

(Please note, some info is missing and i will be back to update as it become available.)


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