Moore Swatches: Fair Maiden Polish – Granny Candies and Sweet Fantasy Flake Toppers Collections


Hey Sugas!!!I have been waiting with baited breathe to share with you the upcoming collections from Fair Maiden and even as of today there is still a 2 weeks to go but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time I scrolled through my phone there they were, staring back at me saying, ” Krystal, post us.” I held off for as long as I could be today is the day.

I am super excited to share the 6 piece Granny Candies Collection along with the 6 Sweet Fantasy Flake Toppers. I adore these 12 polishes because for one each of the Granny Candies is named after a nostalgic candy you’ll likely find in the bottom of any Granny’s purse! My favorites were always the butterscotch. 

And two, the 6 Sweet Fantasy Flake Toppers are broken into 2 trios, Multichrome Magnetic Flakies and Iridescent Flakies. The flakies are packed into a clear base making them the perfect topper over the base of your choosing. And let’s not even talk about the shift of them. I’ll shut up now so i can see for yourself.


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