Moore Swatches: KBShimmer – Launch Party 2019 Trio


Hey Sugas!!! One year ago, KBShimmer took a leap forward and launched a new look to celebrate the anniversary of their 10

Now, they celebrate the one year anniversary of KBShimmer’s new look, which we love even more today, by bringing you a new magnetic top coat trio! This trio features magnetic multichrome flakes and vibrant micro holo flakes for a celestial look that is out of this world! 

Galaxies swirl with planets, stars, dust and dark matter with Universal Appeal and dusk gives way to night with the vibrant tones of nature as they become muted as moonlight casts a soft glow in Moon on Over and finally, the hot, fiery, warming of the sun changes our moods, warms our homes, and gives life to our planet. Sol Mate echoes the colors of nature that the sun helps bring to life.  

But none of this is made possible without Ring Magnet! These magnetic polishes are an out-of-this-world invention with the power of a magnet. Color is shifted and relocated on the nail for a futuristic effect. For best results, you need a strong magnet with the right magnetic pattern – and not all magnets will work.  The KBShimmer Neodymium Ring Magnet will give your magnetic polish manicures a makeover! This one-inch magnet has a convenient 3/4-inch opening large enough for most fingers, and is 1/4-inch in width. For a curved, negative space on the nail, hold ring flat against nail about 1/4 inch away. For a subtle linear look, hold nail inside the ring. This magnet can be used with all magnetic polishes including gel varieties.


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