Moore Swatches: Ever After Polish – Polish Con New Orleans 2019



Hey Sugas!!! A party just ain’t a party until the host arrives. And here in the Queendom, we know how to party!!! Traditionally, the host arrives a little later than the invited guests and makes a grand entrance. Now the grand entrance is important because it set the tone for the entire event. The entrance should make sense and evoke a sense of excitement. We’ve all seen amazing entrances at weddings and Sweet 16s – maybe it’s being flown in on a private helicopter or horse drawn carriages, regardless, it’s always the talk of the town. 

So let me paint the scene for you…..

Lights are dim and instantly a loud BOOM and complete darkness fill the space with hundreds of party go-ers. Suddenly, glowing neon strobe lights in shades of purple, green and gold appear and out of nowhere music is blaring out of the speakers. Slowly the lights start to fade in and there is Miranda of Ever After Polish atop her Mardi Gras float.

The host of all things Polish Con has officially arrived!!!! Let the party begin!!! Along with her, she brings her event VIP, an exclusive , 3 LEs and a remix. This is one for the books!


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