Moore Swatches: Navni Beauty


 Hey Sugas!!! NEW BRAND ALERT – Navni Beauty!!!!

“By day I work in the medical field but throughout my life, I’ve always managed to find one creative outlet or another. Nail polish has been my longest running obsession to date and it felt almost inevitable that I would find a way to make it myself. It makes me absolutely delighted to share my creations with you!” says owner/creator of Navni Beauty, Kripa K of Seattle, WA.

When I asked Kripa about her “WHY”, this is what she said, “I’ve always been drawn to crafts, especially those that involve a lot of color. I used to be into knitting, crocheting and of course all that wonderful pretty yarn that goes with it. When I discovered nail polish I realized I had something with a lot more instant gratification. Making nail polish was just the result of a need to have a creative outlet combined with my love of colors and painting my nails.”

The name Navni, is a combination of her two son’s names. “I struggled with finding a name for a while and then my dad came up with this super simple and cute name.”

Kripa has been selling to friends since Nov 2018 but I officially launched on Etsy on Feb 7th 2019. 

I had the privilege of selecting a few shades and let me just say, it wasn’t easy to narrow down my choices. As I scrolled through the Etsy shop, I was overwhelmed with all the stunning shades. It was a constant “ooh” and “ahh” feast but alas i did it and here’s what I chose.


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